August 15, 2022

1UP – Safe Bodyweight Training At Home – Free Download Course Upright Health


1UP – Safe Bodyweight Training At Home – Free Download Course Upright Health By Trevor Hash

Bodyweight Training That Builds You Up Instead Of Breaking You Down.

Minimal equipment. Realistic time. Practical bodyweight training to get your life back.

You’re probably here because somewhere along the line your body stopped working as advertised.

For some folks it was trying to do something they’d done a hundred times before…like picking some laundry off the floor…and their bodies said “no!”

For others, it was realizing they were never playing with their kids, not because they didn’t want to, but because they were worried they’d get injured and miss work.

Still others just found themselves thinking the same thing every week…

I wish I had my old body back.

Maybe you’ve used our YouTube videos or online programs to get your mobility and strength back.

And now you’re ready to do more, but you don’t know how to do it safely.

Every time you try a workout program, you end up getting hurt.

At Upright Health, we work with real people with real movement challenges. We’ve helped people avoid surgeries. We’ve helped people after surgeries. We’ve seen people who’ve had chronic pain for years, and we’ve seen people learn how to get their lives back.

This isn’t just one man’s take on how to train. The 1UP Program is the result of thousands of hours of training real people at Upright Health.

​The 1UP Program is based on our team’s over 25 years of collective experience working with people like you.

What You Get With The 1UP Program

12-week program that focuses on building a balanced foundation of movement and strength
3 phase system to build your strength and conditioning safely that you can reuse over and and over again as you advance your skills
Simple workouts that address muscles all around in your body in a sensible, balanced way
30 detailed videos to show you how to do every single exercise correctly with beginner to advanced variations to make sure you can learn the right one for you
A gentle warm-up routine to prepare and balance out your body on a daily basis
Practical workouts that a full-time student or working adult can do without getting hurt
Printable 60 page workbook so you can train distraction-free (i.e. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE!!) with your workouts laid out day-by-day, week-by-week

A Closer Look At The 3 Training Phases Of The 1UP Program

The 1UP Program is designed to give you skills and strength that transfer to real life. Each phase lasts approximately 4 weeks and puts emphasis on specific attributes so you don’t burn out on any one thing.

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This phase focuses on learning new movements (or movements you know that you’ve never done properly!).

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This phase focuses on building strength and endurance. You’ll work harder and faster than phase 1, but with movements appropriate to your skill level.

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This phase combines the movements you’ve learned with the strength you developed to build true confidence in your abilities.

The basic movements you’ll learn in this program are crucial for winning the game of life…

…but the game of life isn’t about moving in straight, predictable lines all the time.

Life involves unexpected movements, unexpected twists, unexpected turns…

That’s why we’ve included six games to PLAY at the end of every workout in the program.

Every single workout ends with an open-ended game so you can explore and expand your abilities in a way that carries over to the challenges of real life.

A Bodyweight Workout Without Guesswork

Through all the phases of the 1UP Program, you get workout cards to tell you exactly what you’re doing for your workout that day.

Each workout is straightforward and easy to follow.

We’ve made each workout simple – so simple you don’t even have to count! Just set your interval timer and put your attention on your body and the quality of your movements.

What Equipment Do I Need For The 1UP Bodyweight Program?

This is a bodyweight training program, so you don’t need much. This is the full list of equipment:

A pull-up bar
Gymnastics rings
Light, long resistance band
Tennis balls
An interval timer or stopwatch
You can get all these things online or at a sporting goods store for under $100 brand new. That’s way cheaper than joining a gym or buying a bunch of weights you may never use.

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