May 17, 2022

21 Day Visualization Project By Mike Dooley – Free Download Course


21 Day Visualization Project By Mike Dooley – Free Download Course


Learn how to tap into your power using creative visualization.


What’s to LOVE about this project?


Daily guided visualizations.
Every day (for 21 days), I’ll send you a guided visualization focusing on a new theme, such as: friendship, travel, love, creativity…

Just 5 minutes a day.
All of the guided visualizations are designed to take 5 minutes. So, if you can spare 5 minutes a day, you can do this project!

We’re all in it together.
You, me, and TUTTERS from around the world will be visualizing the same themes on the same days, encouraging + supporting one another.


What do you want to create?





Spiritual Growth


The purpose of this project is to help you tap into the CREATIVE POWER within you by visualizing for 5 minutes each day… and then with a clear vision of what you want in mind, begin moving toward those visions in real life.



Join the 21 Day Visualization Project and you’ll receive:


21 Visualization Activities
One visualization activity emailed
each day for 30 days.

21 Guided Visualization Videos
A new video from Mike to accompany each day’s activity.

2 LIVE Check-in Calls with Mike (Obviously not available here..)
2 Q&A video calls with Mike
(and fellow project-goers).

A Supportive Community
Encouragement and support
from fellow project-goers.

Downloadable Workbook
Space to complete each
activity, plus extra tips.


You’ll also receive FREE Notes from the Universe, daily emails personalized with your goals and dreams!


After 21 days you will have:

A clearer understanding of what you really want.

A vision for all major areas of your life (love, health, creativity, abundance, etc.).

A deeper understanding of visualization and your own creative power.

A simple visualization practice that takes 5 minutes each day.

Action steps to help you move closer to your visualizations in real life.


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