August 15, 2022

A-List Copywriting Secrets By David Deutsch – Free Download Course


A-List Copywriting Secrets By David Deutsch – Free Download Course

I honed my ability to teach what I had learned by coaching dozens of writers to the next level of success, including:

Marcella Allison, who is today an A-list copy superstar and is teaching the next generation of superstars.
Justin Goff, who credits me with taking his copy “from good to great” and helping him increase his income tenfold to $2.2 million a year.

And Evaldo Albuquerque, who is now known as Agora’s “80-Million-Dollar Man” for selling that much product with his copy in a single year. (Imagine the royalties on that!)

My brand-new program, A-LIST COPYWRITING SECRETS, is the first time I’ve ever revealed the methods I’ve used to bring in close to a billion dollars for my clients.

If you’re a copywriter, watching these videos will enable you to take your copy to the next level – thereby leaving your competition in the dust and commanding higher fees and royalties.

If you’re a marketer, even if you don’t want to write copy yourself (and you probably should), it will give you the concepts, understanding and insight required to get MUCH better copy from your freelance or in-house writers and leave your competitors wondering what hit them.

But naturally, the program is not just videos.

To really drive home the lessons in these videos, I combined them with a series of simple exercises that, when you complete them, give you a finished sales letter for any product or service.

I’ve also given you a window into the kind of thinking and techniques that go into the creation of real-world, world-class promotions by including detailed notes for some of my most successful promotions ever.

And since this program is just being announced, for a VERY limited time you’ll have the opportunity to get special live group coaching from me personally. I’ll be answering questions and expanding on not only what’s in the program, but also my most advanced copywriting and persuasion techniques.

Here’s a preview of what you’ll experience in each module of A-LIST COPYWRITING SECRETS…

DAY 1: Part 1:

The Structure of Copy

Great copy is built on a great structure. This module shows you exactly how to do that and includes…

A simple secret almost no one teaches for getting better at writing. (at 0:28)
How to unlock what you already know about writing A-list copy. (1:25)
The big mistake most copywriters make at the opening of their copy. (3:35)
What most writers and marketers get wrong about the prospect – a deadly mistake that instantly kills responses and sales. (4:11)
What to picture in your head to keep prospects riveted. (4:31)
An easy way to make your product the most important thing in your prospect’s life. (5:39)
Hollywood tactics that boost interest and recall through the roof. (7:01)
How to convince your prospect your solution is their idea. (10:43)
DAY 1: Part 2:

What Makes Great Copy?

What exactly IS great copy – and how can you produce it? That’s what you’ll discover in this eye-opening section, including…

A simple checklist that tells you when you’ve written great copy. (at 2:13)
What your copy must do to get inside your reader’s head… and heart. (2:50)
The easiest way to make your claims instantly believable. (6:50)
How to use role-playing to make yourself a more persuasive writer. (8:10)
The mental picture you must create for your prospects to get instant enthusiasm. (Tony Robbins is the king of this technique.) (9:23)
The 2 H’s that are criminally underestimated by most copywriters. (10:19)
Rather than embellishing claims or making up stories – do this instead! (10:31)
How to turn people away to get them to buy more. (12:05)
The “Ask Your Mom” secret for writing more believable copy. (12:25)
What you must confess to your prospect for the most persuasive copy possible. (12:50)
DAY 1: Part 3:

The Secrets of Copy Strategy

You’ll come out of this module able to generate the kinds of strategies, ideas and concepts that impress clients, build businesses, and enable the copy to practically write itself.

How to use simple math to generate hundreds of copy ideas. (at 0:22)
Instantly create copy that stands out from the crowd with this technique. (1:29)
Write headlines that get attention and compel prospects to continue on. (2:24)
The power of BAD ideas and how they can make you rich. (3:14)

Gary Hones –
Copywriter, Seattle, Washington

“David unlocked a part of my brain I didn’t even know I had.

“For years I thought I understood the idea of ‘Write like you talk.’

“But within the first 3 minutes of Module 1 of this program, it was easy to see why I was stuck – even with templates.

“Now my copy gushes out like a fire hose. And, according to one of my clients, it’s some of the best I’ve ever written.”

John Carlton David Deutsch
John Carlton – Legendary copywriter and author of “The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Getting Your Shit Together”

“I’ve known David Deutsch since we both were on the “A List” of sought-after writers for the largest direct mail operations on the planet. (Rodale Press, for me, and Boardroom, Inc., for David.)

“David has had as many as six controls at one time for these behemoth mailers — something that only a handful of writers have ever accomplished in the history of advertising.

“His advice is pure gold for any writer seeking to follow the very specialized path he excels at.”

Jimmy Parent – Copywriter

“You’re the man, David. It’s like you just climbed in my skull, and pointed out what I never saw before.”

DAY 2: Part 1:

Discover What Really Makes Your Prospects Tick

Watch this video and you’ll know exactly how to find your prospects’ hot buttons, fears, desires, and dreams, including…

How to use the 6 W’s to understand your prospect as deeply as possible. (at 1:39)
Questions that let you know your prospects better than they know themselves! (6:26)
4 resources that enable you to find out the kind of things about your prospect they would never admit to. (7:57)
How to use a deeper understanding of your prospect to propel your copywriting to the next level. (Nothing will get you there faster.) (0:26)
DAY 2: Part 2:

Understanding Why They Buy

More advanced tips on better understanding your prospect. Don’t miss…

The one emotion to use in your copy that’s even stronger than desire. (at 0:50)
How to generate an endless supply of benefits for your prospect. (1:29)
Why lazy prospects are your best prospects. (2:44)
The “touch of larceny” secret that ignites your prospect’s greed. (3:12)
The Biblical secret that reveals the one thing people crave above all else. (4:47)
The simplest, most dependable way to make people wild with curiosity. (5:43)
The one feeling people crave most – and will pay big money to get. (6:22)
The best ways to make people feel good about themselves – and put them in a buying frame of mind. (8:06)
How to use the huge power of revenge to ignite desire in your prospects. (9:30)
Why the secret of “transformation” is much more powerful than piling on benefits. (10:45)
DAY 2: Part 3:

How to Write Compelling Stories

We never outgrow our love of “Once upon a time.” That’s why stories are such powerful copywriting tools. And in this video, I’ll reveal the storytelling secrets I use…

The 3 most potent types of stories for sales copy. (at 0:18)
The most powerful way to tell your product’s story – without it sounding like bragging. (0:29)
The details and techniques that enable you to tell a story in the most interesting and compelling way possible. (3:24)
How to use the “Star Wars story structure” to write blockbuster copy. (5:49)
Where to find stories that get attention and inspire action. (11:21)
What you should do every day to hone your storytelling abilities. (13:37)
DAY 2: Part 4:

The Journey to Provoking Action

It’s all for naught unless you get the prospect to act. So don’t miss…

The 2 journeys you need to lead prospects to action. (at 1:48)
The emotional journey that sparks desire for your product. (3:00)
The one thing that improves your copywriting skill more than anything else. (5:21)
How to knock out buying resistance before it starts. (5:52)
A sure-fire way to tell whether or not your copy will work. (6:37)

Aimee Kunau – Direct Response Copywriter at 4Patriots

“I had the incredible opportunity to be coached by copywriting legend David Deutsch. A master of direct response, David made laser observations of my writing and gave me simple solutions to tighten up my copy and make it much more effective. His sage advice has accelerated my copywriting to warp speed.

“David’s laid back, personable style is so refreshing in an industry glutted by big ego gurus. David’s 100% the real deal – a copywriting maestro with a down to earth perspective. I recommend investing in yourself if you’re ready to have David help take your copywriting or marketing to the next 10 levels.”

Skylr Monaghan – Agora Financial

“Learning copywriting from David was nothing short of Amazing! I begged for the opportunity to work with him and I am so glad I did… it has without a doubt made me a better copywriter.

“His coaching, guidance and constant ‘pushing me to do better’ is something every copywriter should have the chance to experience.

“I went from frustrated to enlightened… and educated! Who wouldn’t want to discover the secrets to writing killer bullets from a legend in copywriting. Any wizard would beg to learn the magic behind this powerful skill David has taught me.”

Wendy Lipton-Dibner – President, Professional Impact, Inc.

“David Deutsch has an extraordinary talent for finding the sinkhole in copy – the one word in a sentence that will make your reader suddenly disappear. His insights into the psychology of today’s consumers, coupled with his keen eye for detail and targeted questions are second to none. His coaching style is one-part teacher, one-part cheerleader and one-part challenger. If you’re serious about making an impact with your copy, get David into your life.”

DAY 3: Part 1:

Headlines and Bullet Secrets

I’ve built my reputation and made a lot of money – for myself and my clients – by being able to quickly and easily create great headlines and bullets (those short little “teasers” that reveal a bit about the product or service but make you curious to know more, like the ones here).

And in this module, I reveal my best secrets, such as…

The easiest way to create great headlines and bullets. (at 0:25)
How to quickly find the intriguing hooks that make the best headlines. (12:05)
How to write the kind of powerful bullets that drive the prospect to order. (1:16)
The simple acronym (BULLETS) that contains everything you need to create great bullets. (2:00)
What to do first in your bullets to really grab your prospect’s attention. (2:44)
How to inject emotion into your bullets to multiply their effectiveness. (9:36)
How to transform bullets into great headlines. (11:09)
DAY 3: Part 2:

Headlines and Bullet Secrets (Continued…)

Want the advanced stuff too? You got it…

How to grab attention with short, simple headlines. (at 1:44)
How fantasizing can enable you to write the most powerful headlines. (8:16)
Adding subheads to headlines (or preheaders to emails) for more firepower. (0:25)
DAY 3: Part 3:

The Body: Keeping the Reader’s Reading and
Viewers Viewing

Here’s how to build your body copy so it holds attention and compels your prospect to take action…

The one type of proof you absolutely must include in your copy. (at 8:47)
The WORST way open your copy. Big mistakes even experienced writers make. (0:26)
Do this to keep your copy unique and fresh – and keep prospects reading. (2:28)
The power of exposing a “big lie.” (6:25)
When to introduce your product for maximum drama and sales. (9:42)
How to escape the 2 hidden traps in the body that lose prospects immediately. (14:12)
The best writers write like they’re talking to a friend. Sounds easy – but it can be very hard to do without this simple technique. (17:38)
DAY 3: Part 4:

The Close: Getting the Sale

The better you are at closing, the better your results will be. Especially when you know…

The world’s best copy closing technique. Practically forces prospects to order. (at 10:43)
The big mistake many writers make when crafting a close. (4:19)
Best ways to make your prospect buy right now (without obvious “scare tactics”). (7:07)
Verbal jujitsu trick that makes your prospect crave your product. (9:11)
The one thing you should do after you THINK you’re all done with the copy. Takes only a few minutes but can turn a potential loser into a winner. (14:01)
Confusion and fear of the unknown can be the death of any sale – but not when you know this technique that neutralizes them. (15:42)
How to use your competition in the close to make your product a must-buy. (1:22)

Simone Schmitz – VNR, Bonn, Germany

“David didn’t just teach me – he gave me a feeling for copywriting, which seems to be the most important point.

“The seminar gave me what I needed to give my prospects what they really need – good copy, storytelling, speaking to their desire inside they already don’t know they have it.

“I now can see copywriting from a whole new perspective – a better one.”

Simon Höcky – Copywriter and Publisher, Bonn, Germany

“Whenever you get the chance to learn from Copywriting Greats like David, you should just go for it.

“I was one of those lucky to attend this training live, and highly recommend the recordings to anyone striving to become a successful copywriter.

“Not only will you learn to write killer headlines – you’ll also understand why good copy is NEVER about the product.

“I think it’s safe to say that learning from David had a huge impact on my career, inspiring me to go freelance and build my own copywriting business.

“I can’t thank you enough, David!”

Chase Amante – Bejing, China

“I’ve been blessed to have had a lot of incredible coaches… David’s one of the best. World-class!

“He trains you to spot little “mood breakers” in copy… things that will make the reader say “Huh?” you never would’ve spotted… and things that don’t sound nearly as enticing as you first thought.

“He taught me how never to lose the big picture: Who this prospect is, what he’s wanting and feeling, and the action you want them to take.

“I spent $20,000 on copy coaching with David Deutsch, and improved immeasurably as a copywriter.

We just had a $149,600 product launch using copy David helped me craft and hone (our prior launches never beat $10,000).

“Get him while you can get him – I’m amazed he even has the bandwidth to be a coach.”

DAY 4: Part 1:

The Power of the Creative Brief

A great creative brief is the big secret behind some of the best copy ever produced – whether award-winning ad agency commercials or results-producing direct response pieces. Because it’s a handy cheat-sheet that points like a beacon to great ideas and sends you down just the right copywriting path. Creating one (or getting your client to) and putting one to use is easy with secrets like these…

How to create the kind of creative brief that results in great copy – including a full list of what should be in one. (at 0:01)
The 3 different types of background information you must have in a brief to get the best possible promotion. (0:31)
The one thing you MUST pinpoint – or your creative brief is USELESS. (2:35)
Plus in this module I also reveal… what to steal from salespeople to dramatically cut down on your writing time. (4:02)
6 research sources to use that make copy sound authoritative and believable. (4:47)
How to write great copy simply by LISTENING. (5:37)
DAY 4: Part 2:

How to Make Good Copy Even Better

Great copy doesn’t always start out great. More often than not, it’s cut and polished into brilliance like a rough diamond in the hands of an expert lapidiarist. Want your copy to dazzle? This module has just what you need…

The number one tactic to instantly improve your copy. (at 2:10)
A single attitude shift that can launch you on your way from mediocrity to A-list. (1:12)
How to make your copy speak to everyone – educated or uneducated, rich or poor. (4:04)
How to determine if your copy is absolutely the best work you can do. (6:18)
How to write copy that has plenty of life and energy from start to finish. (7:29)
The “curse of explanation” and how to avoid letting it destroy your copy. (8:09)
How to recognize when further work on your copy is counterproductive. (5:24)
DAY 4: Part 3:

Questions and Answers

And finally, some of the best stuff came out when participants grilled me in the Q&A…

3 little words that can send your writing productivity into overdrive. (at 0:31)
How to write a “cliffhanger” headline that leaves prospects on the edge of their seats. (1:57)
How to “steal smart” (legally and ethically) from great copy. (2:10)
How to come up with great “hooks” that reel in readers. (5:40)
The “body on the floor” technique that guarantees deep attention every time. (6:42)
How to use the power of crowdsourcing to identify your best ideas. (7:27)
Where to find unique (yet inexpensive) photos that stop prospects in their tracks by grabbing and holding their attention. (16:41)
How to tell a great story in 7 sentences (the attention span for most people for most stories). (9:42)
How to grab attention by showing people they’re WRONG. (But be careful – do it incorrectly and they will not be happy!) (10:18)
Spell this out for readers or you’ll fail to make a big emotional impact. (13:42)



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