May 17, 2022

Adskills S3 Method – Free Download Course With Social Selling Scripts By Travis Sago


Adskills S3 Method – Free Download Course + Travis Sago – Social Selling Scripts (S3) Method


Tired of Chasing Leads, Hour-Long Sales Calls That Go Nowhere, and Having Countless Proposals Ignored?

Close More Sales With This Potent, 3-Step Method That Has Dream Clients Pursuing You

Yes! I’m ready to STOP desperately chasing leads every time my agency loses an account! I’m excited to execute a plain, 3 step method that will drive my ideal customers to line up, eager to work with me… without time-consuming calls, meetings or “strategy sessions”. Give me the same strategy Justin Brooke (before he was THE “Justin Brooke”) used to turn a single Facebook post into $60,000 worth of sales for his agency… the first time he ever used it.

What You’re Getting: Instant access to Mr. X’s S3 Method, which enables you to set up a machine that drives clients to chase after your agency. You WON’T need to put on webinars, spend hours on phone calls, write mile-long sales letters, or build complex sales funnels.

Once you log in to your members area, you will…

DISCOVER A FAST FIX FOR AN EMPTY SALES PIPELINE: Running an agency is busy work. You don’t need “education”… you need a fix. A proven, easy, fast, cheap method to rack up new clients. A method that doesn’t require you to spend months learning copywriting, webinars, sales tactics or building funnels.

Mr. X has over 100 students applying the S3 Method profitably. In fact, they’ve collectively made tens of millions of dollars just by following the same steps you’ll see inside.

The entire S3 Method only requires the ability to follow simple instructions, and some common sense. They’re all easy steps too, so you won’t have to learn any new, complicated skills.

And even if your first time fails, you can do it again the very next day for no cost. In fact, if after 10 minutes it doesn’t go right, you can just delete your post and start over an hour later. No sweat.
DROP THE SURVIVAL MODE, AND NEVER HAVE TO GO “CLIENT HUNTING” AGAIN: If your agency only has a few clients, losing a single client can trigger a full-on emergency mode.

I bet you’d prefer not to spend your working days cold calling, or trying to get a webinar dialed in. Maybe you’re in a situation where you don’t have a sizable budget to run endless lead-gen ads, or to hire a sales guy.

The S3 Method will solve these issues for your agency – permanently.

You’ll never have to work with clients who make your life a misery just so you can make payroll. Get more of the clients who you love working with, and pay you what you’re worth… even when you’re relatively unknown.

You’re 3 steps away from a proven sales strategy that slays the “feast or famine” mode of building an agency. You get to choose the clients YOU want to work with!
RUN YOUR AGENCY LIKE THE HOTTEST NIGHTCLUB IN TOWN: WITH A LINE OF PEOPLE WAITING OUTSIDE, “IN THE COLD”, HOPING YOU CHOOSE THEM AS A CLIENT: Never know what to post on social media? You will now. Find how to post content that leads clients right into your sales pipeline.

With the S3 Method, you’ll nonchalantly single out the right clients… and get them chasing you.

In fact, the S3 Method is so magnetic, you’ll get to choose who you want to let in, instead of being forced to accept the first client who raises their hand.

How much more successful would your agency be, if you only accepted clients who have offers proven to sell?
DUMP SLEAZY PRESSURE SELLING TACTICS: Do most of your sales calls leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth?

Never again rely on cheeky, annoying sales tactics that quickly sour any promising relationship.

Instead, you’ll have a natural, conversational sales process that flows smoothly. You’ll even discover a set of 3 or 4 specific questions to help you pinpoint the best clients to pick.

Let me be clear, I am not talking about bots. The beauty of the method is once you lock it in you can have people anywhere in the world run it for you. It is dot to dot simple.

Oh… and there’s no need to call anyone, ever. It’s all done through online messaging. Painless, quick, and cheap.
DITCH THE PHONE, WEBINARS, SALES PEOPLE AND ANY FANCY TECH: The S3 Method works like gangbusters because it’s rooted in deep psychological quirks of the human mind.

It’s like a greased slide for the right customers. Once they’re in, they can’t help but slide down towards you. Then, you get to pick which ones suit you the best.

Even though it’s a scalable method, you can start solo… today.

Let your competitors spend all their time writing copy, coming up with lead magnets, setting up all the automations, and designing their entire funnel… or a webinar which, after all this work, might not even convert.

With the S3 Method, you’ll be using a sales process that has been proven to work so well, it’s helped over 100 students sell tens of millions of dollars, so far.

It’s also deployable at no cost, with no more copy than a regular email would contain. Even if your first try completely fails, you’ll be ready to try it again in 3 days… not 3 months.
USE YOUR NEW FOUND SKILL FOR YOUR AGENCY AND YOUR CLIENTS: This process is so powerful, your customers will come begging you to run these same types of campaigns for them.

Your sales process will get so dialed in, you may even get addicted to running S3 campaigns for any type of mid and high ticket sales you come across.

With this tool, the coveted high ticket clients will see you as walking dollar signs… and they’ll be willing to pay a fair share of the sales you bring them.

Maybe you want to use your skills for a side gig? Get some affiliate business and diversify your agency. S3 is THE secret conversion weapon.


Money Back Guarantee

Try the S3 Method for the next 30 days. We know you’ll love it. Still, just in case, we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

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