August 15, 2022

Advanced Facebook Ads Course – Accelerating ROI By Khalid Hamadeh – Free Download


Advanced Facebook Ads Course – Accelerating ROI By Khalid Hamadeh – Free Download

My playbook for breaking through performance plateaus and accelerating business growth with Facebook ads.

After you’ve completed the Core FB Marketing Course, you will have opened up a world of possibilities. To help you scale even further, I’ve put together a set of advanced techniques in this 100% optional companion course.

Course has officially launched! In the Accelerating ROI course, you’ll find tactics like:

Reversing audience saturation: once your results start to slow down, here’s how to decrease your cost per purchase, increase your ROAS, and scale your revenue.

iOS 14 and Onwards – Advanced Strategies: Adapting measurement, media, creative, and more – for a post-iOS14 world, and beyond that – build resilience towards future industry privacy updates.

Level up your creative retargeting structure: Increase ROAS by adopting a new creative structure that converts your audience better, in a post-iOS 14 world

Conversion funnel diagnostic: Identify weak points of your conversion funnel & deploy prescriptive tactics to overcome those deficiencies.

And that’s not even half of it!

10 Advanced strategies
To increase your campaigns’ performance and scalability

Advanced campaign templates

To use as a framework to build complex campaigns and retargeting models.

Video trainings and walkthroughs
You’ll learn the principles and mindset behind them, and the “step-by-step” on how to apply them.

A PDF version of the playbook
Complete with well-defined processes for each tactic, diagrams, flowcharts, and data tables to reference when you’re executing.

Bonus: The Conversion Funnel Diagnostic Tool

Get exclusive access to a formulated Google Sheets report where you can input your key metrics (clicks, add to carts, initiate checkouts, purchases) to auto-benchmark your funnel results, and identify where weaknesses are. Plus, you’ll also get insights and recommendations to improve your conversion rate.

This course is ideal for:

Intermediate & Advanced Facebook marketers
Spending minimum $1,000 per month on ads
These tactics are not designed for beginners (the original course is better for that)
eCommerce focus, best designed for:

Digital marketers
eCommerce owners
Agency owners & media planners/buyers
Online education and Information Product marketers

Here’s what you’ll learn in this course:

Course curriculum - advanced facebook ads

Advanced Facebook ads training. In this training, I will be sharing new advanced strategies + my playbook for breaking through performance plateaus, and renewing + accelerating business growth with Facebook ads.

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