August 15, 2022

#Blessed Instagram University By Sorelle Amore – Free Download Course Hashtag


#Blessed Instagram University By Sorelle Amore – Free Download Course Hashtag Blessed

The Ultimate Guide To Building A Business On Instagram With Blessed Instagram University

Since mastering Instagram, here’s just some of what I’ve achieved:

Attracted a loyal audience of over half a million people.
Generated over $225,000 USD on Instagram alone in the last 12 months alone (without spamming my audience with sponsored posts).
Travelled the world for free (as well as being paid to do it) as a result of my high-quality audience
Experienced levels of audience engagement that less than 0.001% of accounts can boast
Achieved a life of absolute freedom, thanks in part to Instagram
And if I can do it starting from zero, imagine what you can do if you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did along the way.


In 44 detailed video modules, you’ll learn every tactic, secret, and philosophy I’ve used to create a business empire on Instagram. Including:

Setting up for success: Everything you need to know before embarking on a successful Instagram campaign. Covering the most effective ways to set up a beautiful profile, all the way to ensuring your audience gets an accurate representation of you from the moment they lay eyes on you for the first time.
Your identity: So who are you, exactly? Creating a well-crafted message and figuring out your brand is essential to success. I’ll show you exactly how to get this right to ensure everything you put out is polished and perfect.
Compelling content: Without enthralling content, your days on Instagram are numbered. Using my guidelines in the course, you’ll understand what types of content will bring the best chance of success, regardless of your industry or who you are.
Hacking the algorithm: When is the best time to post? How many hashtags should you use? What kinds of content work better than others? You’ll learn exactly how to make the Instagram algorithm work for you, instead of being at its mercy.
Attracting an audience: Big numbers on Instagram are good, but the right audience who loves you is better. I’ll share all my secrets to bringing in a dedicated fan-base, without all the fuss.
The Instagram bank: Wanna turn your Instagram into a business? Or monetise your existing audience? I’ll show you how I made almost a quarter-million dollars via IG in the last 12 months, and the best channels for bringing in revenue using the platform in the best ways possible.
DO’s and DONT’s: From hashtag spam, and well-known “hacks” for gaming the system, I’ll show you what actually works, and what will send you to an early Instagram grave.
And MUCH more…

Thinking about taking the dive into mastering Instagram with the #Blessed Instagram University? Here’s just a tiny taste of the kinds of people this has been designed for:

Business owners using a person as the face of the business who want to increase their exposure and boost sales using social media
Freelancers or other online creatives who use Instagram as a promotional tool
Digital nomads and internet entrepreneurs who use Instagram as a means for sales, or growing their enterprise
Aspiring influencers who want to grow a large and dedicated Instagram audience
Photographers and videographers wanting to maximise the reach of their creative content on the world’s #1 visual media platform
Models, musicians, actors, artists, designers, and existing influencers who heavily rely on Instagram as a means for exposure and to attract paid work
People who want to travel for a living, and use Instagram as a tool to connect with hotels, airlines, and companies related to this industry
Those who want to build a large audience and earn an income with brand deals, sponsorships, or paid partnerships
Individuals who want to earn an income as quickly and effectively as possible on Instagram
Absolutely ANYONE who is using Instagram for personal, or professional promotion

Course Curriculum

You Ready To Have That #Blessed Life? (9:05)
Get To Know Each Other
It’s All In The Mind (12:37)
What Is Instagram Truly About? (1:53)
Let Me Show You What a Successful Profile Looks Like (2:38)
How To Share Your Opinion Properly (2:16)
Instagram Success Overview (3:50)
Who Are You?
Don’t Know Who You Are? Analyse Yourself (2:31)
Visualisation Is Key (1:29)
Why Are You Doing This? (2:16)
IF you are struggling to find your voice, here are other exercises… (2:18)
Who Are You Talking To? (5:02)
Time To Find Accounts You Love and Study Them (1:19)
Let’s Ensure Your Profile Is Set Up Properly (12:00)
What Is Your CTA? (5:45)
The Minor Details Make Up The Whole (1:53)
How To Stand Out (22:32)
Content Strategy (3:40)
A Content Cycle Which Will Hook Your Viewers (1:28)
Content DO’s and DON’Ts (5:10)
How Important is Aesthetic Presentation? (3:44)
Photography Insights (1:12)
Photography Insights (BONUS) (1:58)
Photography 101 (BONUS) (2:32)
How Often Should I Post? (2:24)
How To Post for Increased Engagement (2:22)
Do You Even Caption? (4:40)
What to do After You’ve Posted (Critical) (4:04)
The Data Speaks Loudly – Must Use Data and Testing (4:11)
Hashtag Strategy That Works For You (4:29)
Your Checklist For Posting (1:35)
Cross Posting – Should You? (1:25)
How To Stay Relevant For Years To Come (1:49)
To A New Profile Or Keep My Old One? (0:51)
How To Use Instastories Effectively (8:58)
Is IGTV Actually Important To Use? (2:48)
Keep At It! (0:39)
BONUS – TikTok Mastery (Featuring Kyle Meshna)
1. Introduction to TikTok
2. How TikTok Works (10:10)
3. Anatomy of a TikTok (9:53)
4. The Dos and Donts of TikTok (4:58)
5. Trend Spotting on TikTok (3:06)
6. Editing TikTok in Premier Pro (12:15)
7. You Went Viral on TikTok…Now What? (6:02)
8. Tik Tok Vs Reels (5:37)
How To Grow Through Collaborations (5:09)
How To Get Featured On Large Pages (2:42)
Diversify Your Reach-Out Strategy To Increase Trust and Visibility (2:35)
You WILL Destroy Your Instagram If You Do This (2:25)
The ‘Why Am I Not Growing?’ Checklist
Make Your Instagram Your Full Time Career With These Strategies (6:15)
Monetising with Brands (3:58)
You’ve Got The Brand Deal – Now What? (3:25)
Monetisation QnA (4:23)
Should You Get An Agent? (6:10)
Your Chance To Ask Questions
You Did It! (2:48)


Sorelle Amore is a professional adventurer, photographer and YouTuber with over 1.5 million people following her endless comprehensive online tutorials about photography, travel, the digital nomad life and more.

Sorelle uses her social media to inspire people to fall in love with life and themselves and she found the medium of Advanced Selfies to help people capture themselves beautifully even if previously they believed they couldn’t look great in photographs, drastically improving their confidence.

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