July 3, 2022

Building A Second Brain By Tiago Forte – Free Download Course


Building A Second Brain By Tiago Forte – Free Download Course Premium Edition

Do you consume tons of interesting information, but feel like it’s not leading to meaningful results in your life?

Discover how having a Second Brain is helping people around the world save their best ideas, organize their learning, and dramatically expand their creative output!

Get more done, faster, with less effort:
Create a world-class knowledge management system in 35 days

The C.O.D.E. System

Our proven 4-step process for consistently turning information into creative output





Silvano Arieti wrote that “Creative products are always shiny and new;
the creative process is ancient and unchanging.”

Technology is constantly changing, but the heart of the creative process remains fundamentally the same: capturing information from the outside world, organizing it into chunks, distilling them down to the best parts, and then expressing your unique voice through writing, speaking, designing, teaching, and creating.

By leveraging the power of technology rather than fighting it, we can supercharge our creativity and leverage our ideas to transform our career, business, and life.

Living by this creative C.O.D.E. allows you to surf the waves of information,
instead of being drowned by them.

What’s Included

10 live class sessions taught by Tiago via Zoom (plus lifetime access to rejoin future cohorts)

8 units of pre-recorded videos explaining the most powerful knowledge management techniques, with downloadable PDF slides

Weekly Zoom workshops led by Alumni Mentors on the best tools and techniques for digital note-taking [Recordings only]

Resource Library with demos of capture tools, real-world case studies, and step-by-step guides on how to put notes into action

Twice weekly open Q&As with Tiago to get all your questions answered [Not Included]

Advanced tutorials by Tiago and other experts on specialized topics (such as visual thinking, note templates, online courses, and graphic design)

Exclusive expert interviews with writers, entrepreneurs, and creators known for their creative output

12-month membership to Praxis, our blog exploring the frontier of productivity [Not Included]

Course Curriculum

A comprehensive curriculum on harnessing the full power of your ideas

Unit 1: Introduction to the Course

• What to expect: schedule, roadmap, communications, and the 4 steps of the methodology

• Why organization and collaboration are the two missing links in most people’s creative process – and how adding them in can double your creative output

• An overview of Knowledge Management: the new skill to produce 10x results with 1/10 the effort

• The secret of Strategic Laziness: the real story of how great thinkers work

• Take the Second Brain Snapshot for a 12-point evaluation of your current note-taking skills

Unit 2: Organizing for Insight

• How to turn your digital notes into “thinking tools” that allow you to access brainpower you didn’t even know you had

• Feeling unorganized? How a simple technique called PARA will enable you to organize your entire digital life in minutes

• The 8 must-haves for any digital organizing system, and how to apply them

• A little-known distinction – between projects and areas of responsibility – that can completely revolutionize your productivity

• Banish Information Overload using the Magic Number 4 – a helpful constraint to preserve your working memory

• Discover the incredible power of an up-to-date Project List, with in-depth feedback and guidance on how to create one for yourself

Unit 3: Digital Cognition

• The 4 essential requirements that any good digital notes app MUST have

• How to amplify the single biggest opportunity for making new connections without spending more time or effort: Productive Randomness

• Learn how a simple principle from Information Science called “stigmergy” explains how to effectively manage information

• A new way of working using “slow burns” instead of heavy lifts – people who miss this are destined to eventually suffer from Information Exhaustion

• Find out how the best note-takers throughout history built up their intellectual capital using compounding gains

• Transform raw material into knowledge assets: how to use digital notes to form a valuable body of knowledge for a side project, career advancement, or new business

• Identify your personal learning priorities using the Feynman Method, a simple exercise created by a Nobel prize-winning scientist to permanently improve your reading and learning for years to come

Unit 4: Progressive Summarization

• Have trouble finding your notes when you need them most? A counter-intuitive technique called Progressive Summarization will help you distill them down for easy retrieval

• Understand the pros and cons of organizing your notes by tag, by notebook, or by project, and the best approach based on our 10+ years of experience

• Don’t have time for more research? Develop the skill of balancing compression and context to increase the return-on-investment of your note-taking

• Strategic laziness over rigid rules: note-taking strategies that leverage human nature, instead of fighting it

• How to design individual notes for “glanceability” and instant recognition for your Future Self

• The amazing benefits of designing your own Personal Information Landscape

• Practice Progressive Summarization on your own notes, with feedback from teaching staff and peers

Unit 5: Maximizing Return-on-Attention

• Explore the fascinating science behind “transient hypofrontality” – how to maximize the mental state of flow for higher performance, enjoyment, and learning

• Understanding how to minimize the impact of setup costs (environmental, mental, and emotional) on productivity

• How Intermediate Packets can completely transform your approach to productivity

• Become interruption-proof: placeholding, chunking, and reusability as potent sources of leverage for knowledge workers

• Knowledge Artifacts: how to externalize your thinking and accelerate your learning using concrete deliverables

• Turn your notes into a new Knowledge Artifact especially designed to generate valuable, targeted feedback from your peers

Unit 6: Just-In-Time Productivity

• Learn Just-In-Time Productivity – the new, far more effective way of working that becomes possible once you have a Second Brain

• 5 ways to leverage your ideas to leapfrog your peers, skip the corporate ladder, and become a leader in your field

• Divergence and Convergence: use groundbreaking ideas from the world’s top designers to escape any creative roadblock or dead-end

• Equip yourself with 16 Workflow Strategies – proven thinking tools for just-in-time execution

• Banish procrastination forever using the Archipelago of Ideas technique to instantly add structure to any creative project

• How to massively accelerate your learning using idea capture tools and quick feedback loops

• Select and try out Workflow Strategies on one or more of your current projects

Unit 7: Workflow Canvas

• Step-by-step walkthrough to design your very own Second Brain, customized to your needs and goals

• Get feedback on further areas for improvement, based on the exercises you completed in the course and your Second Brain Snapshot

• Explore dozens of examples, case studies, and downloadable templates to make implementing your system as easy as possible

• Complete the Workflow Canvas to choose the tools, techniques, and strategies to integrate into your own workflow

Unit 8: The Big Picture

• Information Overload? How Container vs. Stream Thinking is the mindset you need to thrive in a world of information abundance

• Understand how to cultivate situational awareness and curation as the key skills required to navigate streams of information

• Strengthen your creative confidence by borrowing principles from history’s most prolific creators and artists

• Identifying and overcoming the most common limiting beliefs we encounter around productivity, thinking, and learning

• Start with Abundance: a different take on creative output that starts with sifting through interesting ideas, instead of sitting down to a blank screen

• Harnessing the full potential of digital notes: how to integrate Knowledge Management into your daily routine

• The Perspective Era – why the future of work will be dedicated to interpretation and persuasion based on your unique point of view, and what you can do to thrive

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