July 3, 2022

Crush LinkedIn By Fabio Marrama – Free Download Course


Crush LinkedIn By Fabio Marrama – Free Download Course


10x your brand reach without a dollar spent on paid ads. Build a hyper engaged social community.

Convert organic traffic & targeted leads 5x better with a personal touch.


People like to do business with people, and there are plenty of buyers
People want to do business with those they know, like and trust. LinkedIn is the most personal social media platform for business. Plus, the average individual income of a user on LinkedIn is $75,000 and over 100 million LinkedIn users are senior level influencers and are in decision-making positions.

Only 3 million users share content weekly.
When Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26.2 Billion in 2016, many expected big things. Today, there are nearly 600 Million users (250 million active) on the platform. Only 3 million people share original content regularly. That means 3 million users are getting 9 billion impressions each week.

Opportunity exists to be seen.

Post Reach is 67x higher than on Facebook and 130x higher than on Twitter!
LinkedIn is unsaturated, but it won’t stay that way. The algorithm is rewarding good content and pushing it to thousands of prospects every day. LinkedIn is also taking 8% of reach from “Power Users” like the Richard Branson’s of the world and re-distributing it to new users. Plus, LinkedIn generates 3x more qualified conversions than Twitter & Facebook and is responsible for 80% of all B2B leads on social media.

Go from having no account, or minimal presence to having industry influence on LinkedIn.

I lay out your exact 30, 60 and 90 day plan to jump start and scale your brand community fast.

Learn my exact strategies and tactics to use personal branding to grow your business (the human approach).

Learn how to take advantage of the things that are working on LinkedIn that 99.99% of people aren’t doing.

My secret inbound and outbound strategy to generate 20-30 targeted leads every week.

Get my insider list of 200 recommended high-powered connections.

These are the people to watch, imitate, engage with, and connect to. They are crushing it on LinkedIn.

When they engage with your content, what you produce spreads to their network. A head start always helps.

Understand how to position your profile for conversion.

Know how to establish immediate trust and social proof when someone views your profile (even if you’re not anyone famous).

Learn who to connect with (and when to avoid connecting).

Learn the right way (that isn’t spammy) to connect with someone important so they accept your request with nearly perfection.

Get tips on how to get the attention of influencers on the platform, so they help distribute your content.

Learn how to produce captioned videos like a PRO (with animated progress bar!) on your phone using FREE apps. Literally watch over my shoulder and model my EXACT strategy.

Steal ALL of my content creation tools to help you create content on LinkedIn that sets you apart from everyone.

Learn which type of content to post in different scenarios to get the best reach (statuses, video, audio, articles, documents, links etc.).

Understand the unspoken rules of #hashtags plus when (and where) to
link to your website without upsetting the LinkedIn algorithms.

My simple secret strategy on how to use LinkedIn to get appearances on Top Podcasts and mentioned in Top media publications (99% of people are not executing this strategy).

How to tell powerful stories on LinkedIn that convert.

Learn the BEST CONVERTING headlines after more than 10 million analyzed.

Why you don’t need 100,000 or even 1 million followers to reach thousands of people on LinkedIn. (Plenty of people on LinkedIn with 100,000+ followers get ZERO engagement!)

How to position posts properly for ultimate value and virality.to build yours.

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