July 3, 2022

eCom Master Class By Baird Strudwick – Free Download Course


eCom Masterclass By Baird Strudwick – Free Download Course


I want to personally show you how I used the strategies I talk about in this program to generate $500,000 in sales in just 9 months. Learn EXACTLY how you can create an online business that makes you money while you SLEEP! Includes access to an exclusive Facebook group.


What is the eCom Masterclass?

eCom Masterclass is a case study based course designed as an extension of my YouTube channel.

I reveal my first store that generated over $420,000 in sales in 9 months (18% profit) and show exactly how I started, scaled, and managed the operations.

I believe in practicing what you preach. My goal with this Master Class is to show you concrete examples of the theories I talk about on my youtube channel being put to use.

Okay So, What Is Dropshipping?

A business model that requires No Inventory, No upfront costs, and No experience needed.

With the click of a button, you can add products to your pre-designed store from wholesale sites with millions of listings to offer.

You don’t even need to handle or ship anything yourself!

Once a customer purchases a product off of your site, you ship it directly to them from your supplier.

You don’t even buy anything until someone buys it from you first at a profit! You just pocket the profit and scale with Facebook ads!

Course Curriculum (New Content Added Weekly)

Module 1: The Fundamentals
Module 2: The Ultimate Product Research Guide
​ Lesson 1: Dropshipping Business model Explained
Lesson 2: Feature: Choosing a Store: General Vs. Niche
​Lesson 3: Finding a Name For Your Store
Lesson 4: Buying A Domain And Support Email
Lesson 5: Store Creation Strategy
Lesson 6: Building Your Store (Part 1)
Lesson 7: Building Your Store (Part 2)
Lesson 8: How To Create A Logo
​ Lesson 9: How To Price Products
​Lesson 10: How To Import Products
​Lesson 11: How to add a good product title/description
Lesson 12: Recommended Apps
Lesson 13: How To Set Up An Instagram Account
Lesson 14: How To Set Up A Facebook Account
Lesson 15: Facebook Pixel Set Up (*Important*)
Lesson 16: What Is A Winning Product?
Lesson 17: How To Find Reliable Suppliers
Lesson 18: Winning Strategy #1
Lesson 19: Winning Strategy #2
Lesson 20: Winning Strategy #3
Lesson 21: Winning Strategy #4
Lesson 22: Winning Strategy #5
Lesson 23: Winning Strategy #6
Lesson 24: Winning Strategy #7
Lesson 22: Winning Strategy #8
Lesson 27: Winning Strategy #9
Module 3: Facebook Ads
Module 4: Instagram
Lesson 28: Facebook Ads Explained
​Lesson 29: How To Gather Pixel Data
Lesson 30: Setting Up Your Facebook Columns
Lesson 31: Facebook Marketing Objective
Lesson 32: Campaign Set Up
Lesson 33: Creating A Campaign, Adset and Ad
​Lesson 34: How I Test Products (Getting Your First Sale)
Lesson 35 : CBO Strategy
Lesson 36: Choosing Your Daily Budget
Lesson 37: Retargeting: How To Create a Custom Audience
Lesson 38: Retargeting 101: A Complete Guide
Lesson 39: Creating Lookalike Audiences
Lesson 40: Understanding Audience Insights
Lesson 41: Advanced Scaling Strategies
​Lesson 42: Scaling explained
​Lesson 43: Issues that Arise When Scaling
​Lesson 44: How To Find Successful Pages To Advertise On
​Lesson 45: How To DM An Influencer Page
Lesson 46: How To Negotiate With Pages (*Important*)
Lesson 47: How To Automate Instagram
​Lesson 48: How To Scale With Instagram
Lesson 49: Our products are delivered immediately
Lesson 50: Explain the benefit of your products
Lesson 51:Change the icons in the settings
Module 4: Twitter Ads
Module 5: My Stores
Module 6: Things You Need To Know
Lesson 52: Twitter Ads Explained
Lesson 53:​Twitter Ads Full Strategy
Lesson 54: How To Create Ads With Twitter
Module 7: Advertising Blueprint
Lesson 74: Breaking Down Winning Ads
Lesson 75: How To Create a Video Ad
Lesson 76: How To Create a Photo Ad
Lesson 55: $500,000 In Depth Case Study (Part 1)
Lesson 56: $500,000 In Depth Case Study (Part 2)
Lesson 57: Passing $1000 In Sales On Our New Store
Lesson 58: One Product Store Example
Lesson 59: One Product Store First IG Promo ($200 Profit)
Lesson 60 : The secrets to outsourcing
Lesson 61: What to do if IG influencer doesn’t post
Lesson 62: How to maintain sales
Lesson 63: Fulfilling Your First Order
Lesson 64: How To Override Products
Lesson 65: How To Get A Virtual Business Address
Lesson 66: How To Create Ads With Twitter
Lesson 67: How To Develop A Winning Mindset
Lesson 68:How to use your strengths
Lesson 69: How to think long term
Lesson 70: How to hire Virtual assistants
Lesson 71: Secret Shopify Logo Maker
Lesson 72: Paypal Goods and Services

….And Much More!


Meet Baird, Founder, eCom Masterclass

Dropped Out of College After 3 Days to pursue e-commerce
Videos have reached Millions
Scaled First Store to $500,000 In Under 12 Months.
​Helped Thousands Of People Across The Globe Create and Scale Online Businesses
One of The Best Reviewed Business Youtube Channels
Life Goal: Help others build & scale their online business!

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