August 15, 2022

Edutainers By Film Booth – Ed Lawrence – Free Download Course

Edutainers By Film Booth – Ed Lawrence – Free Download Course

Transform Your Videos, Storytelling & Channel Growth!

Not getting the growth you think you deserve? … join me on my ‘Edutainers’ Bootcamp… and transform from ‘Invisible Poster’ to ‘Channel Growing, Storytelling Superstar’ in Only 10-Weeks!!!

What’s Edutainers All About?

Edutainers is an intensive 10 week program for Educational YouTubers looking to experience phenomenal growth through organic methods that don’t cost a penny…and want to learn how to create amazing content, consistently every time without fail.

You’ll learn to stand out in your niche with significantly more creative videos… and once you become an authority figure, your popularity will rise, allowing you to grow your brand substantially…
You’ll take your content and storytelling to another level and with it, increase your quality, credibility, viewer retention, channel visibility, and your overall popularity in the process.
I’ll teach you how to boost your creativity levels, resulting in an endless stream of amazing content, that becomes much easier to think of and produce over time… so your life becomes simpler, and your end product increases in value/quality.
You will grow a strong community of returning viewers & subscribers, who will support and inspire you to continue releasing amazing content… they’ll also trust you and be willing to pay for your products and service.

Who’s right for edutainers?

Educational channels who educate or pass on information
Highly driven creators
People who want to harness the power of story
Creators with experience making content (not beginner friendly)
Not suitable for gaming channels

Now let me make something clear…

The ‘Edutainers’ program is not about miracle results; it won’t teach you tricks which get millions of views or hundreds of thousands of subscribers…

This is not a ‘magic pill’, it’s not a button you click, and it does the work for you… it will not perform miracles…

What it will do is help you grow a strong community of return viewers, by creating content that builds a deep connection with your viewers.

It will give you:

• The tools to create content that blows people away and it will transform the way you think about making videos

• A system that you can trust that helps you come up with channel growing ideas

• A deeper understanding of how to package your content and producing amazing stories your viewers will anticipate the release of

You’ll find by creating videos that matter to people, and following my successful methods, sustainable growth and increased viewers will happen as a by-product.

You’ll need to put in the effort, but the rewards will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

The ‘Edutainers’ program is unlike anything out there…
One of the problems most educational and information based creators on YouTube have is they learn outdated growth methods from multiple sources, and when they try to implement what they’ve learned, it simply doesn’t work.

That’s because YouTube has changed, story has become king and much of the information out there ignores it and only focuses on “algorithm hacks” and tricks that distract you from the fact that amazing video is what grows channels, nothing else.

That’s why I decided to create a comprehensive programme, that focused 100% on the three things that’ll actually enable you to produce content that grows your channel, your ideas, packaging and storytelling.

Mastering these three things will turn creators struggling , into successful channel-growing storytellers that lead their niche.

Included In The 10 Week Programs:

✅ Lifetime access – Once in, you’ll have access to the training content for as long as the program exists (including any updates that get made too)

video training
Weekly videos will teach you the precise skills you need to become an elite YouTube creator…

Practice what you’re learning, to make sure you fully understand the concepts, and gain hands-on experience to give you lasting knowledge and practical know-how…

Workbooks to challenge you and get you to understand what you’re doing at both conscious and subconscious levels… so your understanding is more profound and deeper.

Live Q&A Hot Seats​
Each week you’ll attend a live 90-minute group call where I’ll give feedback and critique a number of students work from the week’s module, making sure you ‘get it’ 100%.

Step-by-step checklists to follow, to make it as easy as possible to follow along, ensuring you get it right first time…

Frameworks to grow your channel, so you can save time and automate a lot of the process while making channel growth so much easier…

Community Support
Exclusive access to the ‘Edutainer’ group chat for networking, feedback, support and questions.

Case Studies
Weekly videos that teach you the precise skills you need to become an elite YouTube creator…

What You’ll Leave With After Ten Weeks
This course is not designed to be ‘beginner friendly’ and is designed for “educators” and channels who pass on information, which is why it’s so different.

Most people out there teaching YouTube ‘tricks’ try to catch everyone so they can maximize their earnings… but their ‘teach a bit of everything’ approach, does not lead anyone on a path to mastery… which is why most people are stuck at amateur level.

My course focuses on advanced strategies for Educational YouTubers with at least intermediate skills.

In other words, this is NOT for everyone but I believe this is the only way my students can get the best results possible.

Over the ten weeks, the right students will learn the following.

Storytelling Skills
You’ll build persuasive writing and storytelling skills that level up your content, captivate viewers, covert more subscribers enabling you to make videos your community crave more of.

Anti-flop strategy
You’ll have a solid content strategy primed for more views, ensuring your work is watched by more and more people, which helps you to build momentum with each video you release.

Systematized Creativity​
You’ll learn a system for writing powerful intro’s to instantly grab attention that makes it almost impossible to resist watching the rest of your video.

Powerful Ideas
You’ll learn advanced research techniques for better ideas and content… so you’ve always got something amazing to produce and the process of creation becomes a lot easier.

packaging process
You’ll inherit a framework for creating powerful thumbnails and titles which will help you attract more viewers, and the system will make it easy to replicate over and over, to get you consistent results every time.

Content planning system
You’ll incorporate an advanced planning system which will make managing your YT channel (and career) a blast… giving you more success, while simplifying every video ideas in to a repeatable process.

data dominance
You’ll gain a deep understanding of YT analytics so you can recognize new opportunities, or fix existing problems to maximize your channel’s performance for ultimate growth…

retention skills
You’ll deliver your message with more precision and keep your viewers interested, intrigued, and compelled to watch until the end, skyrocketing your retention rate and leaving them wanting to watch more of your content.

Writing Powers
You’ll understand production on a professional level, and learn to edit workflows, catapulting you into an elite group of YT’ers… most posters are amateurs, so you’ll stand out from the crowd, which will help you attract more viewers and subscribers.​

Next level production
You’ll deliver your message with more precision and keep your viewers interested, intrigued, and compelled to watch until the end, skyrocketing your retention rate and leaving them wanting to watch more of your content.

Only The Things That Matter
You’ll develop a deeper understanding of YouTube which will make the whole process easier and smoother, saving you time and effort so you can focus on only what works and other things like making more money.​

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