July 3, 2022

Email Triggers Workshop By Ian Stanley – Free Download Course Feed The Wolf


Email Triggers Workshop By Ian Stanley – Free Download Course Feed The Wolf

Here’s the deal:

You come out to my house in Venice, CA and hang out on my rooftop for a day.

The first half of the day I teach you about email triggers and show you my campaigns and examples.

You’ll learn:

-Real-time behavioral triggering. This is REACTIVE as opposed to PROACTIVE.

-How to get super high opens to boost deliverability and engagement.

-Choose your own adventure style sequences.

-How to profit by sending people to other people’s content that you don’t own.

The second half of the day we’ll focus on your list and create some strategies for you to make your investment back within 14 days…

…which leads me to my outrageous offer and guarantee…




You pay $3,000 for a one day training on email triggers. This will be held on my rooftop in Venice, CA. It will be limited to 5 people total.

My plan is to do this every other month. Maybe every month. Chances are I will raise the price to $5,000 after the first few workshops because it’s just so damn valuable. But I don’t know for sure.


You will make back your investment within 14 days of the workshop. Yes, in just two weeks you’ll get your ROI. Honestly it’ll be within one email for some of you. For others it’ll take a few days or a little longer.

You obviously have to implement what I’m teaching…but if you implement it and show me that it didn’t work…I’ll refund you $3,000. I’ll pay for your hotel and flight. And I’ll pay an additional $3,000 on top of that.

I’m willing to do that because I want to get you on the rooftop to show you how insane this is.

I still have to review your application to make sure you’re a good fit. But I wanted to try something I’ve never tried.

I’m gonna let you pay for the workshop before I check your application. I’m doing this because space is limited. If you wait to sign up you may have to wait awhile to get a spot in the workshop. (I have no idea how fast these will sell.)

So you can sign up below right now to hold your spot in line. That means you’ll get first pick of what date you wanna attend the workshop. I’ll be allowing people to pick their spot based on the order they pay…and if for some reason I see your application and think you’re not a good fit….I’ll simply refund your $3,000.

If you’re ready to commit to making more from your list, sign up now.

That means you won’t be coming to my house. You won’t have to pay for hotels or flights or any of that bollocks.

Instead you’ll spend the day LIVE with me (and the other bad asses who’ve signed up) on Zoom. The first half of the day I’ll do the full in-depth training about triggers. It takes about 4 hours to teach everything in excruciating detail.

Then we’ll do a follow up LIVE on the 30th to answer any questions and specifically deep dive into YOUR business. We are going to break this up into two days because spending 6-8 hours on zoom in one day is just too much.

We’ll do the 4 hours on the 23rd and we’ll take breaks and make sure it’s super fun.

I’ll also record it so you can watch it again…or watch it for the first time if you can’t make the live training for any reason.

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