August 15, 2022

Energetic Infusions By Hey U Human – Sara Longoria – Free Download Course

Energetic Infusions By Hey U Human – Sara Longoria – Free Download Course

It’s time to embody YOUR power like never before.

Contrary to popular belief, the power of positive thinking and declaring your desires to the universe doesn’t work….

(hate to break it to you)

It CAN work IF your energy is squeaky clean.

But many of us have so much coding and trauma that is literally standing between us and the universe.

So those ‘methods’ simply don’t work!

It’s time to remove that coding.
It’s time to be activated.
It’s time to awaken the power within.
It’s time to truly create through your magic, magnetism and power.

It’s time to be reborn.

The Energetic Infusions are for you if:

You are ready to clear out negative coding and embody a new high vibe energy
You desire to create a practice in your life that will create strong energetic standards
You have only 20 minutes a day to dedicate to your money and business mindset practice (but to be honest, you don’t have to do this EVERY DAY, because who likes being held to a schedule)
You are ready to embody a new energy that creates true freedom in every aspect of your life
You are ready to release old conditioning that you know is holding you back
You believe that your energy is the most important currency that you have and you are ready to create a vibe that attracts and manifests your deepest desires
Energetic Infusions By Hey U Human, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)
1. BEFORE YOU DIVE IN… Start Here!
Questions- Comments-Want to share your experience
Supplemental Video – Introduction to RRT
2. Energetic infusions
Day 1 – Introduction
Day 2 – Body Healing, Health Routine & Clearing
Day 3 – Inviting the Energy of Overflow Into Your Life
Day 4 – Anchoring Meditation & Ancestral Clearing
Day 5 – Chakra Connection Work – 2nd & 3rd
Day 6 – Shadow Work
Day 7 – Love
Day 8 – Energetic Standards – Intro s
Day 9 – Abundance Portals
Day 10 – Self Worth, Deserving and Forgiveness
Day 11 – Manifestation & Opening Up Your True Self and Purpose
Day 12 – Energetic Standards – Money
Day 13—Frequency Expansion
Day 14 – Energetic Standards – Relationships
Day 15 – Mother & Father Wounding
Day 16 – Chakra Cleanse
Day 17 – Energetic Standards – Friendships
Day 18 – 3rd Chakra Clearing & Relaxation
Day 19 – Sisterhood Wounding
Day 20 – Energetic Standards – Relationship with Yourself
Day 21 – Maternal & Paternal Coding
Day 22 – Support
Day 23 – Love & Thank Who You Were
Day 24 – Living in the -What If
Day 25 – Toxic Masculinity
Day 26 – Toxic Femininity
Day 27 – Removing the Stakes
Day 28 – Full Moon Activation
Day 29 – Body Healing
Day 30 – Unlocking Your Gifts
Day 31 – Truth & Peace

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