August 15, 2022

Epic Lovers By Layla Martin – Free Download Course


Epic Lovers By Layla Martin – Free Download Course

A sexy 12 week adventure program for your relationship – Discover the secrets to epic sex and lasting passion.

This course helps couples electrifying their relationships in and out of the bedroom with my fun and powerful step-by-step practices.


The tools you learn in this course will keep giving you more outrageous sexual experiences for a lifetime no matter if you’ve just started your relationship or have been in it for 30+ years.
Think of Epic Lovers like a “choose-your-own-adventure” in sex…

In each module, you’ll learn fabulous sexual practices that you’ve likely never heard of before…

They will challenge you, excite you, thrill you…

And open up a doorway to experiences with your partner that are both hilariously playful and fun…while also being super sexy and intimate.


So who am I to talk?
I’m Layla Martin, the founder of the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality. I’ve created numerous highly successful and effective courses on sexuality for men, women, and couples.

After studying sexuality at Stanford, immersing myself in Tantric techniques in Thailand, and going through my own healing journey, I’ve discovered how to turn my pain into power and experience exquisite amounts of pleasure in my life. I’ve now helped over 100 million viewers on my YouTube channel to connect with their sensuality and say yes to a life filled with more pleasure, passion, and love….and over 12,000 paying students have gone through my courses and programs…

Hi I’m Layla Martin.

Women’s Health Magazine calls me “The Headmistress of Pleasure” and Cosmopolitan calls me a “Sexpert Extraordinaire,” but I am also a Tantric, mystic goofball and a hardcore science nerd at heart.
After studying sexuality at Stanford University, I went to live and study in Asia for almost 10 years, learning from the most powerful Tantric masters, and guess what? I found answers about sex and spirituality that absolutely blew my mind and opened me up to a whole new level of understanding.
But then (you all know what happens next) I was so perfectly evolved and so masterful at sex… until I met my partner, Andrew, and everything fell apart (haha!).

All of my fears of intimacy and childhood wounds started coming up, triggered by the depth of love and safety in our relationship. Andrew and I have been through it all: we’ve stopped having sex for months, we’ve fought bitterly, we’ve broken up, we’ve decided that we were most definitely not with “the one.”
And here’s what happened: we did the work. We applied our own Tantric sexuality techniques and we had the most incredible sex of our relationship on a recent weekend in Paris.

We created a container of safety so we could face and integrate our deep terror of intimacy and oneness together… and we started actually healing our wounds and stopped fighting about them.

We mapped out the tools we used to move from one-foot-out-the-door, so much resistance with each other that we didn’t want to have sex, and so much pain that we couldn’t stop arguing, into deep and total true love and partnership. And I’m here to share the map with you! Sound good?

Then I’m excited to give you my ‘Epic Lovers’ guide for free because I believe you’ll love what I’m offering in the world and want to stick around for more in the future. I’ve now helped over 74 million viewers on my YouTube channel say yes to a life filled with more pleasure, passion, and love. My work has been featured in Women’s Health Magazine, The Times, Huffington Post, Refinery29, Fox News, and USA Today, but I think what really matters is that I’m damn effective at what I do. 😉

There is a science to creating intimacy and sexual passion regularly. But since our culture has a misguided idea that sex should just “happen” or “come naturally,” most of us never use the science of sexual mastery to our full advantage… and never experience the delicious results.

Instead of giving you fluffy and tired general recommendations, in this course you’ll get clear, effective guidance and practices that you can apply right away to electrify your relationships and invite more pleasure into your life. I’ll take you on a dive deep into the fun yet powerful techniques that create epic sex & lasting passion like:

Sensational Sex
Learn to enhance each other’s sexual sensitivity

Electric Sex
Harness the power of your breath and your sexual energy to experience full-body orgasms as a couple

Wild Sex
Rid yourselves of sexual blockages and embrace your impulsive, instinctive, and primal sexuality together (roar!)

Tantric Sex
Use simple rituals, meditations, and esoteric knowledge to experience the fascinating world of sacred Tantric sex together

Kinky Sex
Bring power play, edginess, and fantasy into the bedroom and let the sparks fly

Enlightened Sex
Strengthen your masculine or feminine essence and bring each other to your intimate, erotic and soulful edge

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