May 17, 2022

Expand To Canada Course By Kevin Sanderson – Free Download Amazon FBA


Expand To Canada Course By Kevin Sanderson – Free Download Amazon FBA Course – Maximizing Ecommerce

Unlock Hidden Growth On Amazon That Is Waiting For You Just North of the Border

How Amazon Sellers can create a sales channel in Canada using the products you already sell and without wasting a ton of time trying to figure it out or worrying if you’re doing it correctly

Let me show you a proven method on how you grow your own international sales channel on Amazon, starting in Canada and building from there.

I have done this in my own business and helped clients do the same in my done-for-service.

Selling internationally on Amazon is a powerful way to create growth in your business and stop chasing after the next Amazon. Have you tried building your own website or a different marketplace… only to be disappointed with the results?

Think about it… if you’re reading this you’re likely already making sales on

You understand the platform. You know how things work.

Will you let a couple forms or concern about foreign currency get in your way? After all, figuring out currency is sixth grade level math, and there are others who have gone before you who can light your path and show you the way.

Diversify your revenue streams

This is one of the simplest ways for Amazon sellers to diversify their revenue streams.

Save time (and money)

Save the time of having to figure it out. I’ll show you the exact, proven process I use to launch my done-for-you service clients. AND at a fraction of the price…

Learn how to launch a “quick win” sales channel

There are hoops you do have to jump through, and we will make them simple so you can get launched with ease.

Stop leaving sales on the table

Each day you aren’t launched in Canada is another day your competitors are making sales on products (when there are untold numbers of customers who could have bought from you). We will get you setup so that you can enjoy the sales coming in from Canada.

Simpler than other non-Amazon marketplaces

Why chase after shiny objects like other marketplaces if you haven’t tested out an international sales channel like Canada?

Expand to Canada is a guided solution for Amazon sellers to launch their businesses in Canada and start seeing sales sooner.

What is Expand to Canada?

This course is a do it yourself solution for Amazon sellers who are ready to grow their business.

And those who want to build an international business without wasting time trying to “figure it out” in forums, blogs, and Facebook groups (without knowing if the advice is reliable).

This process has been proven with clients who have paid $2500 per marketplace to get launched, and you get to come along as I show you the exact process of how you can launch your business.

I have created this course as we go along because I know many sellers would prefer to do it themselves or save on the cost of the full done-for-you service.

As a student, you will get to see behind the scenes of an actual business that I have taken internationally on, and you will get the opportunity to follow along and build your own selling empire in Canada. PLUS, you will receive some Amazing BONUSES…

After completing this course, you can expect to learn how to:

Find a way to jumpstart an international revenue stream so you can stop wondering “what if” you took your business international because you will have the opportunity to see tangible results

Launch your business without worry if the person giving you the advice has any idea of what they are talking about (think Facebook groups and forums)

Generate additional sales to reinvest in the growth of your business to make your business grow faster

Leverage the knowledge you already have of how to sell on Amazon as opposed to chasing after other websites and marketplaces that have a whole new learning curve and might go out of business soon anyway

Create the pride and satisfaction of having a growing business without risking capital on products that might flop (because you can launch your products that are already proven to sell in the US)

Rinse and repeat and take your business into other of Amazon’s foreign marketplaces so that you can continue your path to global domination

Make your business more attractive potential buyers and increase the value (because of international profits) if you decide to sell your business one day

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