July 3, 2022

Facebook Ads Ecom Blueprint Mastery By Ricky Hayes – Free Download Course


Facebook Ads Ecom Blueprint Mastery By Ricky Hayes – Free Download Course

The most updated and advanced course in the Ecommerce industry!

Unlike other courses, I update my course weekly, because I live and breathe Ecommerce every single day. I am always undertaking a new course and method to diversify my business and immediately pass that onto my students. No other course does this and instead they update it every 2-3 months for the sole purpose of a sale, whereas my promise is that I update it weekly, which I do provide. You can see from the comments from some of my students below.


Check out the latest updates:

24th of June 2019 – Added 2 New Facebook Ad videos for scaling
31st of June 2019 – Added 2 New Google Ads Videos For Remarketing
7th Of July 2019 – Added 2 New Videos For Google Ads Cold Traffic Marketing
21st of July 2019 – Added 2 New Videos For Display Ads And Gmail Ads On Google
31st of July 2019 – Added 2 New Videos For Dynamic Remarketing And Conversion Tracking Using Google Ads
8th of August 2019 – Added New Videos On Google Shopping Hacks To Improve ROAS
21st of August 2019 – Added 2 New Videos On Google Brand Search To Improve ROAS
30th of August 2019 – Added 2 New Videos On Google Search Campaigns On Quality Score and Keyword Sculpting
7th of September 2019 – Added 2 New Videos For Facebook Ads Scaling
14th of September 2019 – Added 2 New Videos For Brand Building
21st of September 2019 – Added 2 New Videos on Youtube Audience Research And Campaign Settings


How is the program different from others that are out there?
Ecom Lifestyle University is truly the ultimate ecommerce program out there, here’s why:

Proven System
The process is proven, I’ve spent 4+ years and generated over $5,000,000 from selling products online. I now know what works but most importantly what doesn’t. I’ve turned creating a profitable Ecommerce business into a system that you can run from anywhere in the world. From building your store right correct way to profitable running Facebook ads to hiring & managing an Ecommerce empire, follow it all step-by-step in this program.

Learn Underground Secrets
Truth is, there is a reason why the top marketers do well with Ecommerce while others don’t. The reason is because they know things that can only come from experience. In this program you will learn the secrets that 99.8% of new marketers do not know. This program will teach you the insider ‘tricks of the trade’ so you do not make the same common mistakes.

Copy and Paste Profits
Within this program you’ll get a range of high-converting copy and paste templates that will bring you fully automated additional profits for your Ecommerce store. These are the exact same templates and scripts I use in my current stores to help bring in an additional sales without spending time, effort or energy.

Expert Mentorship & Community
One way to be successful is to surround yourself with people who are successful in what it is you want to do. It’s not a great idea to ask those who are not running a business how you can improve yours. That’s why we’ve developed a private inner circle community for program members to connect, network and help each other grow.

I get asked everyday by outsiders if I offer coaching and consulting calls and I routinely decline them unless you’re willing to pay $6,000 per hour. I value my time and information so I prioritise my program Ecom Lifestyle University members. When you join the Ecom Lifestyle University program you’ll be able to get prioritised direct access to myself the Ecom Lifestyle University founder within the inner circle private mastermind.
You’ll also get direct access to other successful Ecommerce experts on Facebook and email support.
This blend of education, support and community is exactly what you need to help you achieve success.


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