August 15, 2022

Fanatical Prospecting Virtual Boot Camp By Sales Gravy University – Free Download Course


Fanatical Prospecting Virtual Boot Camp By Sales Gravy University – Free Download Course

Prospecting is the most difficult and challenging part of the sales process. It’s where most salespeople struggle. In this interactive, virtual bootcamp you’ll learn tactics, techniques, and skills for mastering prospecting and business development.


Fanatical Prospecting Bootcamp is a comprehensive master class on sales prospecting. This is Sales Gravy’s most popular course.

In this virtual instructor-led sales training we teach you the tools, techniques, and tactics to confidently leverage the phone, email, text, LinkedIn, and direct messaging to fill your pipeline with high-quality prospects.

You’ll learn exactly what to do and say to set more appointments, engage in more conversations, and close more sales.


Fanatical Prospecting Boot Camp was developed from and is based on Jeb Blount’s mega-bestselling book Fanatical Prospecting.

This virtual instructor-led course is taught in Sales Gravy’s Virtual Learning Experience. You will meet, participate, and interact in live sessions with your instructor and fellow participants.

If you miss a session, you’ll have 24 x 7 access to the replays and all the content in this interactive course.

You are encouraged to interact with your facilitators and ask questions in discussion groups. You may email and interact with your instructor from inside the course.


The Fanatical Prospecting Bootcamp covers:

Developing a Fanatical Prospecting mindset
The only three things you control
The Five Step Telephone Prospecting Framework
How to craft effective prospecting messages that reduce resistance and objections
Five-Step Voicemail Message Framework
How to double voicemail call backs
The Three-Step Prospecting Objection Turn-around Framework
The secrets to skipping past prospecting objections
Keys to getting past gatekeepers
The keys to managing and dealing with the natural fear rejection
The Four-Step Email Prospecting Framework
The four cardinal rules of email prospecting
Video Prospecting Strategies
Direct Messaging Prospecting Strategies
LinkedIn prospecting strategies
The 5C’s of LinkedIn Prospecting
Tactics, techniques and strategies for building targeted prospecting lists
The essentials of time discipline and productivity
How to get more prospecting activity done, in less time, with better outcomes leveraging High-Intensity Sprints
The seven steps to building effective prospecting sequences
And much, much more . . .

This course is delivered online in a virtual classroom environment by a live facilitator and coach. You will participate in the live classroom, complete homework assignments, and hone your learning with self-directed modules assigned by your instructor. This blended approach has been proven to accelerate skill development and mastery.


You will be given assignments throughout the course. Most assignment questions will be answered on a discussion forum that may be accessed and viewed by all participants. This process allows for collaboration and picking up best practices – further enhancing the learning experience.


Upon course completion you will earn a printable and framable course certificate along with 5000 points to help you climb the Sales Gravy University leaderboard.

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