July 3, 2022

Free Download Course – Dynamic Ads A to Z: The Complete Dynamic Ads Masterclass For E-Commerce By Andrew Foxwell Digital


Free Download Course – Dynamic Ads A to Z: The Complete Dynamic Ads Masterclass For E-Commerce By Andrew Foxwell Digital & Florian Litterst

This comprehensive course is nearly three hours in length and provides much needed clarity and insight into the confusing, murky world of dynamic ads. Buckle up because Andrew and Florian go deep into everything related to dynamic ads!

In this course, you’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about dynamic ads and, honestly, probably more than you even knew existed about dynamic ads! Andrew and Florian spend nearly three hours going through dynamic ads with more precision and attention to detail than any course out there. This course will no doubt be watched, bookmarked, and re-used by you and your team for months to come!

Topics Covered
Facebook Dynamic Ads A to Z is for you if…
You are currently running Facebook/Instagram dynamic ads
You haven’t tried dynamic ads yet but you want to add them to your marketing mix
You’ve tried dynamic ads in the past but you’re not sure if you set them up the right way
You feel like other brands/agencies are crushing dynamic ads because they know something you don’t
You want to learn the deepest, most advanced details possible about dynamic ads


Topics covered

Defining dynamic ads are and why they’re effective
Debunking common misconceptions
Dynamic ad types
Setting up your pixel
Installing the pixel with plugins and GTM
Debugging your pixel
Setting up your catalog
Helpful tools and plugins for data feeds
Data feed optimization and optional fields
Creating your product feed with Google sheets
Important catalog settings
Multi-language catalogs with dynamic ads
Getting access to catalog and pixel as a partner
Catalogs and product sets
Using dynamic ads for remarketing
Prospecting with dynamic ads: broadmatch
Prospecting with dynamic ads: lookalikes
Dynamic ad copy and creative
Manually created catalogs
Dynamic ads and CBO
Bidding for dynamic ads
Measuring impact and performance
Optimizing your dynamic ads
Limiting frequency
The dynamic ads system everyone should have
How to launch dynamic ads and keep them cranking
Dynamic ad creative and audience targeting that really works
Successfully implementing dynamic ads throughout the funnel
Specific tactics and strategies you should start implementing in your dynamic ads right now

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