August 15, 2022

Free Download – IMQueen Replay Of Ad Accounts & Scaling Mastermind


Free Download – IMQueen Replay of Ad Accounts & Scaling Mastermind

Facebook Campaigns: Management – Testing – Scaling

This is a partial replay of the Ad Account & Scaling Mastermind that took place in March, 2020! Entry cost to the 2-day mastermind was $10,000. Sold out event, focusing on ad accounts and scaling.

If you’re looking to learn how to scale your money-making campaigns the RIGHT way, this training material is for you! State of the art training material taking you from zero to hero!

Special guest, Monika from DimNiko Agency skims over the fundamentals of Facebook advertising, before diving deep into the meat and potatoes of :

✅campaign structure,

✅running profitable campaigns for both ecom and lead gen,

✅content guidelines,

✅what’s working now in 2020

✅scaling strategies!

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