July 3, 2022

Free Download – Recruiting Crash Course – 6 Week Bootcamp By The Millionaire Recruiter


Free Download – Recruiting Crash Course – 6 Week Bootcamp By The Millionaire Recruiter

Tech Recruiting Accelerator Course Make More From Your Recruiting Job

In This 6 Week Bootcamp You Get:

Downloadable Content & Cheat Sheets
Email Access to Ask Questions
Access to Private Mastermind Group (Network with Other Students Enrolled)
3 hours of Video (10 Modules)

What you will learn:

This course will teach you the step by step process on how to be a superstar tech recruiter, 10x your commission, close more deals and develop lasting relationships with your clients and candidates. When you recruit the right way, not only will you have more volume, but you’ll also have a ton more referrals. You’ll learn how to capitalize on every lead at a more efficient pace. You will become more of a career coach than just a recruiter. You will be able to perform better and more thorough searches, and negotiate offers so it makes sense for the client and the candidate.

Class Curriculum and Modules:
Module 1 – Be the “Great Recruiter” and Triple Your Commissions +
Module 2 – What Do You Really Need to Know +
Module 3 – How to Negotiate a Fee Agreement +
Module 4 – Making the Best & Most Powerful LinkedIn Profile +
Module 5 – Resumes And Job Descriptions +
Module 6 – LinkedIn Advanced Search +
Module 7 – Hooking Your Candidate +
Module 8 – Guiding Your Candidate Through Interviews +
Module 9 – What To Do When Your Candidate Gets An Offer +
Module 10 – You Closed A Deal, But It Doesn’t End There +

Congratulations! You did it! You’re thinking, what more do we have to talk about? Learn how to maximize your payout, get referrals & recommendations. Plus, the cardinal rules of recruiting.

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