August 15, 2022

FunnelHub Launchpad By Mike Schmidt & AJ Rivera – Free Download Course


FunnelHub Launchpad By Mike Schmidt & AJ Rivera – Free Download Course

Teach FunnelHub Building For Businesses and Agencies

Experts Mike Schmidt & AJ Rivera teach both the “science” and “art” behind how to build a FunnelHub, both for your own business, and for Funnel Builders who want to grow an agency, and build FunnelHubs as a service for other businesses!

Course Breakdown

If you’re interested in building FunnelHubs for other businesses, this is something that you can adjust to be as little or as big as you want! You can start with having a small business on the side, and take on a few projects, and create additional cashflow to pay a mortgage bill or car bill. But we also have students who have entire businesses that are centered around creating these services for their clients. And if you have the aspiration to grow a large business, this model works GREAT as you build a team or agency so you can continue to scale. You can also build recurring revenue, so you aren’t dependent on seeking out new clients.

Course Overview

Module 1: Intro To Funnel Hub
Module 2: How to Build A FunnelHub
Module 3: Client Acquisition
Module 4: Selling A FunnelHub
Module 5: Service Delivery
Module 6: Ascension and Upselling

BONUS 1: Dead File Funnel
BONUS 2: Fishbowl Funnel
BONUS 3: Follow Up Funnels


Frequently Asks Questions

Q: What If I’m Just Getting Started? Do I need to quit my job to do this?
A: If you’re interested in building FunnelHubs for other businesses, this is something that you can adjust to be as little or as big as you want! You can start with having a small business on the side, and take on a few projects, and create additional cashflow to pay a mortgage bill or car bill. But we also have students who have entire businesses that are centered around creating these services for their clients. And if you have the aspiration to grow a large business, this model works GREAT as you build a team or agency so you can continue to scale. You can also build recurring revenue, so you aren’t dependent on seeking out new clients.
Q: Isn’t a FunnelHub just a Website? What’s the difference?
A: It doesn’t matter how fancy of a website you have – if you don’t have the STRATEGY behind it, you’ll lose out on so many potential leads and sales. While a website has some information, it’s really just a digital brochure that isn’t designed to get you a specific result. A FunnelHub DOES. When people go searching to find out more about who you are and what you do, they find your FunnelHub, which plugs your marketing holes, so you can save more leads and customers who would have otherwise been lost. That’s the difference between websites and FunnelHubs – it’s the STRATEGY behind how and why you build them. One will get your visitors to pull out their credit card. The other will get your visitors lost in a maze of information, because it’s not taking them by the hand and directing them to take the actions that you want.
Q: I’ve Tried Selling Websites Before, But Didn’t Have Success. Why Is Selling FunnelHubs Any Different?
A: The main reason we find for people not having success selling websites (or anything similar) is that they aren’t being prescriptive. They often ask the client “What are you looking for? What do you want?” The client (unless they are an expert in your service) doesn’t know what they need. With FunnelHubs, this is a chance for you to be the EXPERT, and share with them logically what needs to be done, because you have the expertise. Instead of allowing the client to lead you, there is a specific process in place, (a “map” that you’re following) so that you can get a FunnelHub sold and created. But also, websites don’t really do anything. So when you approach clients with an opportunity that is totally different, that will actually DO SOMETHING and get them a result, it will shift their way of thinking.
Q: How Long Does It Actually Take To Build A FunnelHub?
A: Unlike a website (which can take upwards of 12-15 weeks to build), a FunnelHub is designed to get you (or your client) from the “launch” of the project to being “live” as quickly as possible. There are many shortcuts in place for you, like having templates with 97% of the FunnelHub heavy-lifting already done for you, so all you need to do is add in your (or your client’s) information! The more you practice building FunnelHubs (whether for yourself or for clients), the faster you’ll get! The first time you create a FunnelHub, it might take a week. The 2nd or 3rd time, maybe it will take a couple days. It all depends! We’ve had people build out FunnelHubs in just a few hours! The main goal is to have FUN with it as you’re building your funnels!
Q: Where Do I Find People To Sell FunnelHubs To?
A: Think about all of the people you already know! So many people try to go out and find brand new prospects (which is fine), but there are business owners in your world today that need FunnelHubs. Who are you paying for yard maintenance or landscaping? For your dentistry? There are lots of people who need FunnelHubs already within an arm’s reach. All it takes is starting the conversation with them, and delivering a bit of value in advance so they want to work with you. Once you gain their trust, and they realize “this person got me a result”, their ears are wide open, and ready to hear about your next strategy that can help them.
Q: I Thought Websites Were Dead…
A: Traditional websites are dead. Websites that don’t work are dead. Again, FunnelHubs are different from websites. FunnelHubs are built with the strategy of taking someone on a journey, guiding people to take the different actions that you want – kind of like a “Choose your own adventure”, that ends in them subscribing, getting your books, listening to your podcasts, reading your blogs, etc… Think of it as going from an 8-track, to a cassette tape, to a CD, to an ipod. It’s the next evolution. Not only is it a digital portfolio of what you do, but it’s a way to tie together everything that someone needs to find about you in ONE simple centralized ‘hub’. It looks a bit like a website, but it acts differently. It acts smarter!
Q: Can’t I Just Build A Funnel Instead?
A: We’re not arguing that funnels are the key to growing your business online. (It took Mike and AJ 5 years to reach 7-figures with their agency, and it only took them ONE year with their expert business.) What we ARE saying is that if you don’t have a FunnelHub, there is a hold in your marketing bucket. When you’re spending loads of money on ad spend, you certainly don’t want holes in your bucket, where you lose potential leads and customers. You want to make sure that you can squeeze as much conversion out of your funnel as possible. A FunnelHub is what makes that happen. It’s the FIRST thing you should do when you start your business.
Q: What Happens If The Client Already Has A Website?
A: Having a website, and having a FunnelHub are two very different things. A website is deemed “good” usually by the client liking the aesthetics of it. Sure design is important…but it also has to be paired with what the content is actually DOING, and what it is SAYING. A beautiful website that doesn’t convert, or get the visitor back into the funnels, or doesn’t overcome any of their doubts or skepticism, is NOT a good website. You can take the beautiful imagery or photography or design concepts that they like, and copy it over onto a FunnelHub that actually does something for their business!
Q: How Much Time Do I Need To Dedicate To The FunnelHub Launchpad Course?
A: What you want to have happen from this course can happen very quickly! You could realistically start your Launchpad training on a Friday, and by Monday, you could be having your first FunnelHub conversation with a potential client. For those who need to learn the sales and technical aspects, it could take a little longer, but the training is all designed in a bite-sized way, where you can just consume the pieces that you need! You may not need to consume 100% of this course…so just focus on the training and shortcuts that you do need so that you can get this working immediately.
Q: How Much Can I Charge For A FunnelHub Realistically?
A: We’re firm believers that you should be getting paid based off of the VALUE you provide, not the time it takes. Which is GREAT, because you can leverage all the shortcuts (like using ClickFunnels, and templates) to allow you to build FunnelHubs really quickly. The mistake we see people making is operating with the mindset of “well, it didn’t take me a lot of time, so I shouldn’t charge a lot of money”. The most successful companies in the world have found out how to disconnect the money they make from the time it takes to solve their audience’s problem. This is something that we spend a lot of time on (charging/pricing) inside the Launchpad course. We’ll go over different ways you can price your FunnelHub service, and how to confidently show your value to your potential clients.
Q: How Do FunnelHubs Work With The New ClickFunnels Platform, And Doing This As An Agency For Other Clients?
A: Inside the new ClickFunnels platform, depending on what level you sign up for, you get different accounts. (There is an ‘agency’ account option). We’ve designed this strategically to be beneficial for Agencies who work on funnels for other businesses! For each client you sign up, you get a ‘site’ which gives you the ability to create a FunnelHub and as many funnels as you want. And that all stays in your account. If that client ever wants to take over their site and funnels one day, you can have them create a ClickFunnels account, and you can ‘push’ all of their funnels into their account. Or, if you own several companies, and you want to sell one, you can transfer it to the buyer’s ClickFunnels account, and it migrates the entire business instantly, so they’d have their FunnelHub and all their funnels! You can also get recurring revenue as an affiliate when your clients sign up for ClickFunnels under you, which creates consistent predictable cashflow for your business!
Q: Where Will This Work? Is It Just A US Based Opportunity?
A: The FunnelHub is a universal principle that you can apply to your business to help you reach success, no matter where you are located. The opportunity to take this universal principle and create a business out of building FunnelHubs is wide open! We’ve seen entrepreneurs take funnel principles to their country where nobody else is doing anything like this, and start and build thriving businesses!
Q: Are FunnelHubs Only For Businesses Who Have Funnels?
A: If you do have funnels, then a FunnelHub is an absolute no-brainer, because every funnel will have leaks. (4% of people who come to your page may buy, but what about the other 96%?) A FunnelHub helps plug the marketing holes to save some of those “96%” of page visitors who would otherwise be lost. That’s a lot of opportunity!

If you have a potential client who doesn’t have a funnel (and maybe don’t know what a funnel is), but they have a “website” that isn’t doing anything, this is the best first step into the world of Funnels. All they see is that their “website isn’t working”, so a FunnelHub is a great gateway that gets them a result. After that, you can always see if they need other funnels built (like lead magnets, etc…)
Q: How Do I Know If This Opportunity Is Right For Me?
A: Chances are, if you’ve gotten to this point, then there is likely someone in your world that could benefit from this. Whether that is a friend, an owner at the gym you go to, or even your existing list of clients that you’ve worked with. If you have a desire to help clients get a better RESULT, to help them increase their customer activity, then we encourage you to explore this opportunity. If you’re worried about the “technical” aspect of building FunnelHubs, or the “sales” part, that’s why we have this course – that’s what you’ll be learning! Matt and AJ will be walking you through all of those unknowns, and shepherd you through the entire process! Plus, there is a money-back guarantee, so if it turns out that this opportunity isn’t for you, or nobody wants a FunnelHub, then our guarantee protects you, and you can get your money back.
Q: What Do I Need To Start A FunnelHub Business?
A: The beautiful thing about running a digital marketing business or agency is that the barrier to entry is very LOW. When Mike started his agency in 2011, he had an internet connection and a laptop. When it comes to building FunnelHubs as a service for businesses, an internet connection, a laptop, and the Launchpad course (so you know how to do it) is really all you need! Inside Launchpad, we have the training, the systems, and the support to help you along the way as you build your business.
Q: What If I’m Not A Designer, Or Coder, Or Copywriter?
A: That’s ok, we don’t expect you to be! Inside ClickFunnels and the Launchpad training course, there are so many shortcuts to help you get nearly all of the way there! Sure, having a background in design is great…but there are templates and tools in place to help with design and copy, which means you don’t need to be an expert in order to put together an amazing FunnelHub! Back when Mike and AJ had a website agency, they used to have to hire design professionals for their websites. Now, thanks to the advancement of technology, they can create FunnelHubs on their own, and have it be at the same level as a professional designer!
Q: Is There A Guarantee For FunnelHub Launchpad?
A: Yes, there is a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

We recognize that the only way you’ll know if this FunnelHub opportunity is for you is if you go through the training and try it for yourself! If for some reason it isn’t a fit, or you can’t find someone in the millions and millions of businesses around the world to build FunnelHubs for, then simply let us know within 30 days of your purchase, and you’ll receive your money back, no questions asked!
Q: Does this course include a ClickFunnels account
A: This course teaches you both the ‘TECH’ side of building FunnelHubs for your own business, as well as ‘SALES’ side for those who build funnels for other business owners as an agency. The FunnelHub Launchpad program does not include any additional software – nor is anything else required to be a FunnelHub Agency. ClickFunnels is not included as part of the purchase.

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