July 3, 2022

Growth Accelerator Program By Dan Martell – Free Download Course


Growth Accelerator Program By Dan Martell – Free Download Course – ACE Growth Engine Masterclass

Dan Martell’s Growth Accelerator for Early-Stage Software Founders

Enroll In The Growth Accelerator Today.

Nail your product-market fit
Create a reliable customer acquisition engine
Learn best-in-class conversion and on-boarding strategies
Scale to predictable revenue

The Growth Accelerator helps you build systems that will get you more customers faster and set you up for scalable growth.

If you are in the early stages of building a software company (<10k MRR), and you are looking for the tools to find your product-market fit, nail your messaging, build a repeatable customer acquisition strategy and a scalable sales & onboarding process… this is the program for you!

This is THE most comprehensive and detailed program I offer when it comes to starting, growing and scaling a technology company.

The Growth Accelerator Outline:

Growth Map (focus on revenue-generating activities)
Content Marketing Strategy (system for repeatably building authority)
Winning Webinar (key components of creating a successful sales webinar)
Partner Playbook (bring in the right partners to leverage their audiences)
Paid Ads Funnel Flow (assemble a funnel that generates positive ROI)
Trial Conversion System (activate new trials and customers)
Rocket Demo Funnel (create a scalable sales process and rock your demos)
Company OS (structure your company meetings and operations)

In Addition to the Program,
the Growth Accelerator Also Includes:

Idea To Exit – Business Foundation Program

Throughout 6 Training Modules, you’ll learn advanced strategies that you can take at your own pace, and have access to for LIFE.

Each module is 1-2 hours of training delivered by me and includes worksheets and journaling activities that you can complete at your own pace, anytime.

($2,997 Value)

The Boardroom

Through 4 Modules that you can consume at your own pace (14 Trainings) you’ll learn:

Person – How to set yourself up for success with a growth mindset as the CEO of your business.
Plan – Plan your business & personal life through scheduling, prioritizing & executing.
Partners – Identify and build an A-team of advisors and map out financial growth.
Strategy – How to build out a 12 month strategic plan.

($2,997 Value)

24 x Group Coaching Calls

Two 90-min coaching sessions / month. We start with a “10-min tactic” followed by an open session with members to review all challenges, frustrations and get critiques of any outputs (e.g. marketing site, product roadmap, sales process, etc.).

($4,997 Value)

13 Pre-recorded Coaching Calls

During these calls, we dive deeper into each module and answer questions that have come up for past students while helping move them past their sticking points. I walk entrepreneurs through specific solutions to their biggest challenges when it comes to ideation, development, marketing & scaling their software companies.

($4,997 Value)

Enroll Today And Get These Business Building Bonuses:

2 x Tuition Waivers to Growth Stacking Summit LIVE Event [NOT INCLUDED]

This action-packed 1 day event is where you’ll learn my latest strategies and secrets when it comes to marketing & scaling a SaaS Business.

($1,997 Value)

The Authority Engine

During this 5 session training, you’ll learn how to create a marketing system that produces a year’s worth of content in 6 days following my Produce -> Publish -> Promote framework.

($997 Value)

Business Freedom Program

Learn the 3 D’s of Freedom to give yourself freedom as an entrepreneur following my framework (Documentation, Disconnect, Delegate).

($1,497 Value)

Idea To Exit Live Seminar Recordings

You’ll receive lifetime access to this 3 day training where we go deeper into the psychology of an entrepreneur, the frameworks to think strategically and the best way to fund your startup.

($2,997 Value)

SaaS Expert Interviews

You’ll receive access to over 10 expert interviews with Founders of Technology (SaaS) Companies who are doing big things, and making an impact with their companies.

($997 Value)

Access to my Private Online Community for my Coaching Clients [NOT INCLUDED]

Expand the power of your network and build relationships with 300+ like-minded entrepreneurs.

Have questions about this process that other group members can’t answer? You can ask ME any questions directly in the group!


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