August 15, 2022

High Ticket Sales Funnel By WP Elevation – Free Download HTSF Course


High Ticket Sales Funnel By WP Elevation – Free Download HTSF Course

A proven system for consistently attracting high-quality, pre-qualified leads to your service-based business on autopilot!

Because let’s be honest, entrepreneurship can be rough.

When the security of your regular paycheck is gone, and it’s down to you to go out and sell your services day after day, month after month, everything changes.

Putting a dollar value on your knowledge, skills and experience isn’t easy, especially if you’re brand new to business, and up until now, salary brackets have placed a ceiling on your annual income.

Suddenly, you go from knowing your worth, to selling your services for what you think people will pay for them, and feeling eternally grateful when a client says “yes” and a few hundred bucks come your way.

Before you know it, you’re trapped in a cycle of diminishing returns, lowballing quotes to secure work, and juggling way too many clients just to make ends meet.
Never mind that they rarely pay invoices on time, they’re constantly pushing the boundaries of the agreed scope, or that you’re working round the clock on ad hoc projects that you don’t find that interesting…

You’re booked solid! And your invoices nearly always get paid…eventually.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside High Ticket Sales Funnels…

Module One
If you’ve ever questioned whether you should take time away from client work to build your own sales funnel, this module will tell you exactly why you should, but more importantly, why you’ll burn out if you don’t.

We’ll explore what a high ticket sales funnel is and why you need one, how to set financial and non-financial goals and show you how your funnel will help you achieve them.

Module Two
In module two we reveal the overarching strategy and architecture of the funnels we’ve used to effortlessly attract clients and grow both WP Elevation and the Mavericks Club.

I’ve personally invested countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars of my own money into learning this strategy, testing it, tweaking it, iterating it, and making it perfect. We also spend tens of thousands of dollars every month on driving paid traffic to this funnel, so we know it works.

Now, we’re going to teach you the strategy behind high ticket sales funnels from start to finish, and we’re leaving nothing out.

Module Three
Time to create your marketing assets! But where do you start?

Module three features the scripts you’ll need for every part of your high ticket sales funnel. No need to waste time overthinking it or reinventing the wheel… we’re simply going to share with you the message that we know is proven to work.

Module Four
Not the techiest person in the world? We’ve got you covered!

In module four we’re walking you step-by-step through all the technology needed to design, build, and automate your high ticket sales funnel.

We’ll show you how to ensure each page is set up correctly and integrated with the next and help you build a seamless end-to-end experience that captivates your ideal customers’ attention, inspires their trust and takes them from complete strangers into fully paid up clients.

Module Five
As a service provider it’s easy to push your own work products to the side, especially when you have paying clients eating up all your time.

We know finding the balance between working in and working on your business is tough, which is why in module five, we’ll help you plan out when and how you’ll make your high ticket sales funnel live.

We have some pretty awesome bonuses for you as well…

#1. Online Community Group
Aside from the five carefully curated modules that will show you how to consistently attract high-quality, pre-qualified leads to your service-based business on autopilot, one of the most valuable aspects of this course is the chance to become a member of our High Ticket Sales Funnels online community.

This is where you’ll get access to your coaches for advice and feedback, connect with the other students, find a buddy, and share your funnels to be constructively critiqued by others.

#2. Lifetime Access
We hope that the sales funnel you build as you work through this course will be the first of many.

Whether you build multiple sales funnels for your own business or you take the knowledge you gain in this course to start creating them for your clients, we already know you’ll want to refer back to the step-by-step videos again and again.

That’s why when you enroll in High Ticket Sales Funnels you’ll receive lifetime access to the course, including any future updates.

#3. Bonus Lesson: Learn How to Sell High Ticket Sales Funnels to Your Clients
We’ve saved the very best for last!

Probably one of the biggest benefits of enrolling in High Ticket Sales Funnels is that you can take everything you learn in this course and start offering high ticket sales funnel builds as a service.

That’s right! This course is a twofer!

In this bonus lesson we’ll teach you how to sell high ticket sales funnels to your clients.

By implementing what you learn in this lesson, we predict you’ll recoup your investment with ease.

#4 Graduation Bonus: How to Drive Traffic to Your High Ticket Sales Funnel
We know you might be thinking, “High Ticket Sales Funnels looks great and all, but is there any point in learning how to build one, if virtually nobody’s going to see it? Should I just focus on creating content and building my list first?”

We’ve heard this question from our students time and time again, and our respective answers has always been a resounding “NO!”

Here’s why:

Most online business owners find themselves trapped in a cycle of blogging, guest posting, podcasting or YouTubing, without first building the automation required to effortlessly nurture and convert cold traffic into warm leads.

In High Ticket Sales Funnels, we begin with the end in mind. We show you how to build the funnel, then sell it, then we show you how to attract targeted leads in the most efficient way.

Upon graduation, you’ll unlock this extra-special bonus class where we’ll walk you through a number of our tried-and-tested strategies for driving hundreds of eyeballs to your High Ticket Sales Funnel.

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