July 3, 2022

Home Health Care Blueprint By Jonathan Gooch – Free Download Course


Home Health Care Blueprint By Jonathan Gooch – Free Download Course


My name is Jonathan Gooch and I want to help you take advantage of an amazing opportunity that currently exists in the home healthcare field.

Home healthcare providers are in high demand and that demand is only going to increase in the future as an aging population seeks more at-home care options.

The current high demand is something I witnessed firsthand in 2018 when I started my own home healthcare business – Next Step.

Despite the fact that I had a limited medical background, my business made over $1 million in profits in its first year … and things have only gone up since then.

Since I’m familiar with the process, I want to now show you how you can repeat my success or go to an even higher level. I’ve completed the Home Healthcare Blueprint course that reveals everything you need to know to succeed with your own home healthcare business.

You’ll learn how to get started, what mistakes to avoid, how to navigate the confusing licensing process, how to market your business, how to keep it organized and growing and a lot more.

So please read this web page and click the sign up button to get started with your very own highly profitable home healthcare business!

I designed this course for anyone who wants to become their own boss and work for themselves instead of having all of their hard work go towards helping someone else grow their wealth.

Being your own boss, running your own company, is where the real money is. You are not going to get rich working for someone else. You have to take that entrepreneurial leap and start your own company to grow true wealth.

For current healthcare providers…This is your chance to stop doing all the “heavy lifting” yourself on the clinical side of the marketplace and instead take a supervisory role managing a team of aides and nurses.


That getting started in the home healthcare field doesn’t have to be hard. Since I’ve gone through it myself, I know exactly what needs to be done and what mistakes to avoid.

Anytime you step out and try to do something like start a new business the process can seem overwhelming…


We simplify the process so that you can achieve your goals quickly and easily. We give you step-by-step instructions for the credentialing process and we also show the best way to get your business started.

You won’t be left on your own to figure everything out by yourself. Instead you will have a complete blueprint to follow to turn your dream of owning a business into reality.

Introducing Home Healthcare Blueprint!

That’s a total value of $4,485!

But if you sign up today you only pay $1,997.00


Masterclass #1: Getting Started With HealthCare … a $897 value!
Masterclass #2: Organizing Your Health Business … a $897 value!
Masterclass #3: Marketing Your Healthcare Business … a $897 value!
​Masterclass #4: Getting Your License … a $897 value!
​Masterclass #5: Billing And Scaling … a $897 value!

BONUS 1 [Not Included]
6 Weeks of Live Coaching Calls With Jonathan Gooch
Here you’ll get expert advice from Jonathan on how to best implement the tips and strategies revealed in the course. Plus, you can ask him and his team specific questions to overcome any roadblocks you may encounter and maximize the success of your business.

Onboarding Call With Jonathan’s Team
When you sign, we’ll arrange a special onboarding call so that you can speak to the members of Jonathan’s team and chart a clear course for business success. This call will help you get everything setup and arranged so that you are best able to utilize the course information and ensure your business gets started off on the right foot.

Business Building Tools

You get marketing templates that you can use to immediately publicize your business. You also receive a marketing material suppliers list, contracts, non-disclosure agreements and more. You’ll have everything you need to get your business started and to keep it growing.


BONUS 4 [Not Included]
Plus, 2 Tickets to Our Future Live Event
We are planning a live event (after the COVID-19 Pandemic) and you’ll have two free tickets. At this event, you’ll hear from industry experts and get additional advice and information on growing your home healthcare business and taking it to a new level of success. You’ll also be able to interact with those in the industry and make connections that could help your business grow.

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