August 15, 2022

How To Build A Moat By Perry Marshal – Free Download Course


How To Build A Moat By Perry Marshal – Free Download Course & Maximize Your Company’s Value

Maximize your company’s value with the RIGHT subscription model!

Register & You’ll Learn:

How to wake up on the first of the month with a big cha-ching in your bank account
Why membership programs, subscription programs, and ascension models have not worked for your business…and how to avoid those mistakes
How to craft a membership model that works for your business model and your marketing DNA…without driving you or your staff insane
How to Simplify, Star-ify, add Network Effect…and 10X the valuation of your business…with the RIGHT membership model


How To Build A Moat With Recurring Revenue

M1: Subscription Models – Adding a Subscription Program to Any Business

M2: Your Pricing Model – How to analyze the FOUR aspects of your product or service

M3: Your Offer – How to avoid the fatal “Too Much” mistake

Bonus Module: How to use a membership program to increase your acquisition multiple by 5, 10, or 20X (Available to the first 25 registrants!)

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