August 15, 2022

Influencing From The Front By Roberto Monaco – Free Download Course


Influencing From The Front By Roberto Monaco – Free Download Course

Discover NEW REMOTE Sales Strategies For Quickly Getting 10, 20, 40 Maybe Even 50 New Clients In As Little As 7 Days!

Learn Why These Are Now The ONLY Time Efficient And Cost-Effective Client-Getting Sales Strategies Available In These Restrictive Conditions!

Dear Business Owner,
I don’t need to tell you that we live in unprecedented times. You’ve seen with your own eyes how COVID-19 is completely disrupting local businesses.
Many business owners have seen their life’s work disappear overnight and had to close their doors forever.
Imagine the difficult conversations they’ve had. The one with their spouse, letting the other know that their life savings were dried up trying to “save the business” and that no money will be coming in next month…
… Or the one with their employee, letting them know they are fired and that they will no longer have a paycheck to sustain themselves or their family.
… Or the one with themselves…those silent moments when they question their own abilities and wonder if they are cut out to be self-employed.
These conversations are brutal.
And the worst part is they are preventable.
They all go away if your business continues to make sales.
If you want to avoid conversations like these then read every word on this page because even though the landscape has changed, it’s still possible to attract and convert hordes of potential customers remotely. It requires a small shift in your thinking and in your business model, but anyone can do it — including you.

What’s Covered During The Event?”
There will be a total of 16 (sixteen) sessions designed to help you improve the 3 core elements of a client-getting system:
You (the messenger), what you say (the message) and how to get people to watch your message (the marketing).
Without getting too specific so we can protect our proprietary information (unfortunately, many other groups have stolen our materials before), here is what is in store for you.
The Messenger
Session 1: The mindset of the remote presenter
Session 2: Transforming camera shyness into confidence
Session 3: The charisma edge: strategies to deliver an engaging virtual presentation

The Message
Session 4: How to create a virtual presentation that converts, from opening all the way to the close.
Session 5: Examples of Remote Presentations – part 1 – long format talks
Session 6: Examples of Remote Presentations – part 2 – short format talks
Session 7: How to transform your personal story into your # 1 conversion tool
Session 8: How to sell with stories during a remote presentation
Session 9: Your personal story – exercise

The Marketing
Session 10: Mastering Live videos
Session 11: Deploying persuasive webinars
Session 12: How to prepare for a virtual presentation
Session 13: The 1-on-1 video playbook (my secret weapon)
Session 14: Getting virtual speaking gigs
Session 15: Your virtual presentation plan
Session 16: Your 15-minute virtual presentation – exercise

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