August 15, 2022

Intentional Wealth By Austin Brawner – Free Download Course


Intentional Wealth By Austin Brawner – Free Download Course Brand Growth Experts

From Constant Overwhelm To Complete Clarity In 8 Weeks

Intentional Wealth is an 8-week accelerator for eCommerce founders who are tired of doing it all themselves. During the program, you will find clarity on what you need to do, make valuable connections, and unlock growth in your business without sacrificing your health, personal life, or family.

Does it feel like your business is 100% dependent on you?
Is your business disorganized, do you lack proper systems, are you feeling overwhelmed? Is a lack of clarity preventing you from taking your business to the next level?

If you want to get to the next level in your business (and life), you’ll have to change the way you operate.

What got where you are, won’t get you to where you want to go.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve already built a successful business. There’s also a good chance you built that business by putting in good ol’ hard work.

How do I know this?

Because everyone who has any level of success in business has a strong work ethic. Working hard as an entrepreneur is not the defining factor of how far you’re going to go.

The difference between how far you’ll go and what your life will look like on the journey depends on the rules you’re following.

Most entrepreneurs I meet come to me following what I call the “old rules”.

Old Rules: Hustle, Say Yes, JFDI, How, Compete, Sacrifice
Your business will grow if you follow these rules, but progress will be slower than it can be, and often your life ends up being smaller than it should be, and maybe even a bit irritating.

Old rules will leave you overworked, doing tasks you shouldn’t do, and tired from always being the person in your organization who is pushing everyone else forward.

If you want to accelerate your growth without doubling or tripling your workload, you must play by new rules.

New Rules: Strategy, Clarity, Vision, Delegation, Who, Accountability
Elon Musk works hard, but is he working 100,000X harder than you do?

Definitely not.

Yet, he’s easily getting 100,000X the results of the average business. Elon is playing by a different set of rules.

Adjusting to these new rules can be challenging. Especially if you’re a hard worker who’s derived success from your ability to work long hours…like me 🙂

The value in playing by these rules is impossible to overstate. They allow you to separate your business growth from your ability to achieve and allow you to focus on projects that bring you tremendous results and joy.

Growth becomes easier, life becomes richer, and you regain a lot of precious time.

The way I see it if you’re currently playing by the “old rules” you have 3 options:

Option #1: Stay at the level you’re at.

There’s nothing wrong with this. If you’re 100% satisfied with where you’re at, good for you.

Some people really enjoy being “needed” in their business and don’t want to give up their day-to-day tasks. If you currently love what you’re doing it can be incredibly satisfying to have a hard day’s work.

But if you’re ready to take it further, you have two other options…

Option #2: Try to play by the new rules on your own.

Like it or not, as you grow things are going to break.

You’re going to realize what served you when you were doing $40k/mo is preventing you from reaching $400k/mo.

A critical piece of shifting to a million-dollar mindset is identifying your blindspots and reframing your approach.

It’s hard to do this when you’re stuck working “in the business,” even when you intuitively know the rules of the game have changed.

So, there’s a final option…

Option #3: Get help from experts and peers.

My most successful clients are the ones who find people who are doing what they want to accomplish and ask them to teach them what they know.

I’m putting together a team of experts to support a small group of 30 eCommerce business owners as they take their businesses to the next level.

Your peers, all experts in their own right, will share their knowledge and offer insights as you lay the foundation for the path to $10MM.

And you’ll be able to get there without sacrificing your health, personal life, or family.

So, which of these options seems easiest to you?

If you’re ready to join me and a small group of 30 entrepreneurs on a journey towards playing the game of business (and life) at the highest level, fill out the short application here and we’ll be in touch.

This program will sell out, so get your application in as soon as possible.

To Your Health and Happiness,

Austin Brawner

P.S. The secret is not doing more (you’re already doing enough).

But if you change the rules of the game you’re playing, it’s possible to make the shift that will get you there without slogging it out and working harder.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and in 8 weeks I can help you get there.

We provide you with proven tools and templates that will help you get clear on what to work on and save you time.

Get advice from other eCommerce business owners and experts who know what you’re going through.

Meet weekly to report progress on your goals, discuss challenges, and support each other on the path to success.

I’ll be quite frank with you, Intentional Wealth is not for everyone. It’s expensive, and it’s going to require your time and dedication. The program is only for business owners ready to put in the work to build the life and business of their dreams. You’ll be part of an intimate group and you’ll be asked to share your successes (and challenges) with them, just as they’ll be asked to share with you.


You own an established eCommerce business (making at least $500K in sales per year) and you’re interested in playing the game of business and life at the highest level.
You truly believe you can have it all — more wealth, better relationships, optimal health, and a larger impact in life — and won’t compromise.
You are willing to be open and vulnerable with other business owners.
You don’t take yourself too seriously and love to have fun.


People who are not founders or “acting executives”
Ecommerce business that did more than $15 million in sales last year.
People who are on the ropes in their business and looking for a miracle. The program will be full of people working from a place of abundance and this will not be a good fit.
People who want someone else to do all the work. This program will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and examine limiting beliefs.

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