July 3, 2022

Land Five-Figure Client Deals By Business Bitch Chelsea – Free Download Course


Land Five Figure Client Deals By Business Bitch Chelsea – Free Download Course

It’s about time you started making the money you deserve… don’t you think?

When most new business owners get a client lead, they just kind of…. jump on the phone to talk to them, spit out their prices, and hope for the best.

Needless to say, this doesn’t work very well. At best, it leaves you guessing for weeks on whether or not you’ve even got a chance in hell of landing the gig… let alone giving you any kind of upper-hand against your competitors who are also sending in quotes. Which is why I put this course together.

Because your work is good, and you need to stand out. All you need is the know-how. In this course, you learn:

How to differentiate yourself starting with the very first email “hello”

Why you SHOULDN’T give in to their request for a call right away, and what you should do instead. (That actually works to your advantage.)

What pieces of information to ask for while you’re on the call.

How to use this information to write THE BEST proposal your client has ever seen.

How to anchor your prices the RIGHT way so you can ask for a lot of money & get it, even if you’re more expensive than everyone else.

Bonus items to put in the proposal to push their opinion even further in your favor. (I almost NEVER meet freelancers or agency owners who offer these things, and it astonishes me because they’re SO easy to provide!)

In this training, you’ll learn how to:

Stand Out From The Get-Go
Learn EXACTLY what to say in your very first email “hello” that’ll set you apart as a true professional immediately.

Book Calls on YOUR Time
No more bending over backwards for a client’s schedule. Because ironically, that only makes them want you more.

Be the Expert, Not the Desperate Freelancer
Find out how to be the one THEY look to for answers. Not just some random freelancer desperate for their money.

SHOW Clients Your Value… With Cold, Hard Data
Learn how to illustrate your value with NUMBERS your clients can’t ignore. (No matter what kind of work you do.)

Write Proposals That 🤯 Blow Minds
The kind of proposals that get emails back saying, “Damn, that was a great proposal. When can you send over an invoice?”

☝️ True story.

Become THE Go-To, Next Big Thing in Your Niche
After one client works with you & falls in love with you, more will fall into place. $10k deal after $10k deal… here you come!


And if you’re a total newbie to the freelancing world?!?
You can STILL land these sweet deals. Here’s a screenshot of EVERYTHING added in 2021 to make this training AS EFFECTIVE AS POSSIBLE:


A REAL proposal I used to land a $14,476 gig in 2017.
An all-in video showing you how to drum up clients online, even if you’re starting from scratch. Zero. Don’t even have a website or a decent LinkedIn profile.
A 25-page workbook showing you ALL the scripts to use & giving you a checklists to follow to make sure you land these $10,000 client deals, and that you land them ASAP.

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