August 15, 2022

Leading For Creativity By Ideo U – Free Download Course By Tim Brown


Leading For Creativity By Ideo U – Free Download Course By Tim Brown

Learn to scale creative problem solving from Tim Brown, Chair of IDEO.

Learn chair of IDEO Tim Brown’s personal leadership philosophy and methods. You’ll learn how to lead with vision, through culture, and alongside your team. Gain techniques to guide others through uncertainty using the process of experimentation and shift the culture by tapping into beliefs and behaviors that support creativity. Tim, along with some of IDEO’s most experienced leaders, will help you unlock the creative potential of your team and organization.

Course Outcomes
Inspire your team and build their confidence to take on new challenges.
Create a culture of innovation by increasing your team’s capacity to experiment.
Craft well-framed questions that encourage and enable others to tap into their own potential.
Build trust, stay present and engaged—listening and guiding the work of your team.
Design rituals that reinforce the beliefs and behaviors of creative teams and organizations.

What You’ll Learn:

Week 1: Introduction
Explore how a curious mindset can help you challenge assumptions, inspire others, and unlock creativity.

Leading for Creativity—A taste of the learning experience

Getting Started—A preview

The Mindset of Curiosity—The power of questions

About Your Instructor: Tim Brown, Chief Executive Officer, IDEO
Finding Answers Through Questions—The next meeting you go to, record all the questions asked. Think about what these questions started to illuminate.

What does leading for creativity mean to you? How might your team or organization benefit from more creative support?
What’s your biggest question? What inspires you and pushes you to think bigger?
Week 2: Leading with a Strong Point of View
Set a new course for your team or organization by crafting a well-framed challenge.
The Explorer—Setting the course for success
Frame a Challenge—Striking a balance
Frame a Challenge—Creating challenge questions
Other Ways to Lead with a Strong Point of View—Hiring talent
Leading with a Strong Point of View—Connect your day-to-day work with your organization’s purpose and vision.

When have you seen leading with a strong point of view shut people down? When have you seen it inspire others?
Imagine a challenge you’re working on right now. What would your dream team look like?
What are other examples of leading with a strong point of view?
What will be easy to integrate into your team or organization? What will be difficult?
Week 3: Leading Through Culture
Design rituals that reinforce the beliefs and behaviors of creative teams and organizations.
The Gardener—Nudging culture
Design a Ritual—Reinforcing beliefs & behaviors (Part I)
Design a Ritual—Reinforcing beliefs & behaviors (Part II)
Other Ways to Lead Through Culture—Physical spaces
Nudge Culture—Nudge culture with IDEO
Leading Through Culture—Design and try out a ritual for your co-workers, family, or friends.

Think of a time you saw a change in culture make a significant difference. What happened? What was the impact?
How does your organization or team’s culture compare to our list of creative beliefs and behaviors? What are the gaps and tensions?
What inspired you about using physical spaces to set conditions that help creativity thrive? How might you translate this to your own work or life?
How might you design a moment to encourage open conversation within your organization? What are the ways you might nudge your organization’s culture to better support creativity?
What do you personally find most challenging about leading through culture?
Week 4: Leading Alongside
Stay present and engaged with the work of your team as they experiment with innovative ideas.
The Coach—Staying present
Guide an Experiment—Supporting your team at critical times
Other Ways to Lead Alongside—Career navigation
Leading Alongside—Practice coaching your team through ambiguous moments

What person has played a coaching role in your life? What’s one unique characteristic or skill this person possesses?
Share a time when you guided an experiment and it didn’t go as planned. Where was the breakdown? Which tip could have helped you guide your team forward, and why?
What other ways do you find yourself leading alongside others? How has that experience helped you grow as a leader?
What are your strategies for staying present and engaged? How will you know when to lean in and when to create space for your team to take ownership?
Week 5: Conclusion
Get advice from Tim on practicing the behaviors and mindsets from the course, and design your leadership plan.
Course Conclusion—Go lead for creativity
Final Project—Design your leadership plan and commit to behaviors and mindsets from the course.

What’s the thing you’re most excited about taking with you as you go off and lead for creativity?

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