July 3, 2022

Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Course By Caleb Jones – Free Download


Maximum Freedom Alpha Male 2.0 Course By Caleb Jones – Free Download

Make More Money, Get Better With Women and Live More Free

What if you could live a life where you were free to do whatever you wanted, with whomever you wanted, whenever you wanted, without ever having to check in with anyone?

You’d be one of the happiest, most excited, most fulfilled men in the entire world. The research clearly shows that as a man, the freer you are, the happier you are.

You can live a life like this. I’ve shown thousands of men all over the world exactly how to do it.

It’s called Alpha Male 2.0 It’s a lifestyle based on:

Location-independent, self-employed income
Multiple concurrent relationships with attractive women
Financial stability and abundance
Sexual abundance
A strong personal Mission
A high degree of physical daily energy
Effective and organized time management
An international, untethered lifestyle (if you want it)
A life full of excitement and purpose
Outside of being one of the super-rich, Alpha 2.0 is the number one lifestyle achievable by the modern-day man.

My primary book, The Unchained Man, has sold thousands of copies and is the introduction to this information, but there is only so much I can do with a book. A book can describe concepts to you, but it can’t actually take you through a step-by-step, interactive process where you design, create, and implement your ideal life. There are tons of specific techniques and concepts that would not fit into a book format.

This course is what the book was supposed to do. This is the core information. I’ve been building this course for the last four years.

This online course will help you to:

Get your income up to $75,000 per year if it isn’t there already.
Make your income 100% location independent, so you can live and travel anywhere in the world you want while still getting paid.
If you already make $75,000 per year, get your income to whatever point you need to live your ideal life (which the course will help you determine).
Manage your money for maximum return, lifestyle, freedom, and long-term security (investing, taxes, budgeting, saving, and so on).
Get you dating at least two women, non-monogamously, whom you consider attractive, under whatever model you desire based on your age and personality ( casual, serious, married, whatever you want).
If you’re already seeing at least two women, get your woman life customized to exactly what you want, including improving the quality of these women and the quality of the relationships.
Dramatically improve your overall life management skills, including time management, strategic planning, personal Mission, physical energy, and so on.
Money, women, confidence, Mission, goals, physical energy… this massive course covers all.

It will improve your entire life.

What You Will Learn

Here’s just a few of the topics the course will cover, depending on which version you get (there are 4 options, listed below):

Meeting the Alpha Male 2.0 financial baselines ($75K per year location independent income, zero debt, diversified income sources, etc).
Meeting the Alpha Male 2.0 sexual baselines (always having sex with at least two women you consider at least cute).
Saying goodbye to your stupid corporate job, forever!
Abandoning monogamy, both logistically and emotionally. Date multiple women, have sex with multiple women without having to lie, cheat, or hide it!
How to take advantage of the collapsing West and use it to your benefit instead of being pissed off about it.
Building confidence.
Building outcome independence.
Maintaining a high degree of daily physical energy.
Customizing your lifestyle based on your individual phase of life (because 26-year-old guys have different needs and priorities than 51-year-old guys).
Step-by-step processes on how to develop your ideal Alpha 2.0 life, translate that into an easily workable plan, and actually take regular action on that plan.
Investing and money management techniques.
Lots of new information and techniques on how to define your personal Mission.
Dealing with friends and family.
How to integrate your Alpha 2.0 business and business activities into your life (so you still have a life!)
In-depth and detailed sessions on personal financial management and personal finance, including budgeting, saving, debt, and investing.
How to legally minimize your taxes.
Creating a battle plan for getting better with women.
Increasing your attractiveness, both internally and externally.
Many new techniques regarding oneitis and jealousy management.
Integrating international aspects to your lifestyle, including five flags, international finance, travel, and moving/living abroad.
And a lot more!
This course will help you with all aspects of masculine happiness; money, sex, lifestyle, Mission, all of it!

If you’ve already read The Unchained Man or my blogs, this course is not simply “the video version” rehash of that material. No. This is new, extra content.

This is a far more in-depth explanation of techniques, the majority I have not talked about anywhere else.

What You Get

You have four options for The Maximum Freedom Video Course, depending on which areas you want to focus on.

First Course: The first course is the basic version of the course, simply called Maximum Freedom. It includes the baseline aspects of how to build an Alpha Male 2.0 life. It includes 24 videos over six sections:

The Three Life Phases (three video lessons)
Establishing The Foundations (eight video lessons)
How To Build Confidence (three video lessons)
How to Build Outcome Independence (three video lessons)
Designing Your Life (three video lessons)
Life Management (four video lessons)
This is over five hours of video content…

…and you also get:

PDF transcripts of every video lesson
The Unchained Man in every electronic format (PDF, EPUB, and Kindle)
The unabridged version of The Unchained Man audiobook (over 14 hours of audio)
Life planning Excel worksheets
Several bonus podcasts
Lifetime membership of the private and restricted course only Facebook group Maximum Freedom.

Second Course: The second option is called Alpha Male 2.0 Finances. This covers all of the personal financial management you’ll need (investing, saving, debt, taxes, and so on). It includes everything in the Maximum Freedom course above plus these lessons:

Objectives of Your Money
The Alpha Male 2.0 Personal Finance Structure
Step-by-Step Plan To Become Debt-Free
The Alpha Male 2.0 Investment Model
How To Massively Save on Taxes
It’s over 90 minutes of additional video content for a total of 6.5 hours.

Third Course: The third option is a course called Alpha Male 2.0 For The Older Man. It covers the women and financial specifics for men over the age of 35. It includes everything in the first Maximum Freedom course above plus these lessons:

Alpha Male 2.0 For The Older Man

Dating Younger Women
Getting to High Income ($200K per year plus)
Maintaining Libido
Raising Children
Sugar Daddy Game
Advanced Investing
How To Achieve Maximum Daily Energy

Building and Maintaining Maximum Physical Energy
The Six Ingredients for Alpha Male 2.0 Physical Baseline
Managing Key Hormone Levels
Maximize Your Testosterone with Dr. Faler
It’s over 4.5 hours of additional video content for a total of 9.5 hours.

Fourth Course: The fourth and last option is a course called Dating and International. It covers dating new women, relationship management, and doing business and dating in other countries. It includes everything in the first Maximum Freedom course above plus these sections:

How To Get New Women (six video lessons)
Relationship Management (seven video lessons)
The International Alpha Male 2.0 (six video lessons)
It’s 7 hours of additional video content for a total of 12 hours.

Also Get These FREE Bonuses From July 30th – August 3rd!

When you purchase any version of The Maximum Freedom Course during its release weekend between Thursday July 30th and Monday August 3rd at 8pm EST, you also get the following FREE bonuses:

1. A $150 coupon discount off the price of any of the four options – just use the discount code BDweekendlaunch on the checkout screen.

2. The Ultimate Version of Any Blackdragon dating book of your choice, free. (Online Dating Manual, Get To Sex Fast, Open Relationships, Younger Women, or Open Marriage.) This book is sent to you 35 days after your course purchase.

3. A live Q&A coaching conference with me in mid-September where I can personally help you on your Alpha Male 2.0 journey.

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