August 15, 2022

Measurement Marketing Academy By Chris Mercer – Free Download Course


Measurement Marketing Academy By Chris Mercer – Free Download Course

Get Exactly What You Need to Unlock the Power of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Dashboards, and Measurement Strategy!

The Most Complete Measurement Training and Support System for Marketers…

The “Roadmap” to Unlocking the Full Potential of Google Analytics (and Google Analytics 4)

What you’ll discover in the Google Analytics courses:

How to set up a clean and reliable Google Analytics account (Including Google Analytics 4 account setup)
Tie your traffic to results so you know your users and their actions
Leverage Ecommerce reports to keep revenue on track
Customize Google Analytics accounts to show the exact information you need (and block out junk traffic)
Supercharge Your Measurement and Marketing Results
with Google Tag Manager
What you’ll discover in the Google Tag Manager courses:

Supercharge your Google Analytics account (Google Analytics 4 included) with a proper Google Tag Manager set up
Go beyond the basics with custom features, templates, and 3rd party tools
Discover how to free yourself (and clients) from the limits of traditional retargeting
Take your Tag Manager skills to the next level with JavaScript and Regex

Create Dashboards & Reports to Guide You Towards
Actionable Insights and Fast Action

What you’ll discover in the Dashboards & Reports courses:

Plan and build your first customized dashboards that give you answers, instead of information
Turn your dashboards and reports into engaging, easy to understand, and useful tools for your marketing strategy
Discover how to turn your reports into your “Funnel Storytellers” (regardless of what funnel builder you use)
Know how to spot when Good Numbers Go Bad and how to know if you can trust the numbers you see
Stay on the Cutting Edge and Ahead of Your Competition with a Measurement Strategy
What you’ll discover in the Measurement Strategy courses:

How to navigate your Measurement Journey at each stage of business growth
Get the ability to conduct “Deep Dive audits” to create an exact blueprint for a measurement system build
Become a better guide to your clients by knowing how to determine the Real cost to acquire the best customer (a must for growing businesses)
How to leverage Google Optimize and the Measurement Marketing Optimization Strategy to get more results from your pages and funnels

Unlimited Access to Measurement Marketing Instructors To Help You Get Unstuck and Implementing Fast…

It’s common when learning new skills or building a new system to need a helping hand.

With “Ask An Instructor” Support…Your Measurement Marketing Instructor will be there to guide you.

You are not bound by sending just text to communicate your problems or ask questions…

In fact, the team encourages you to send screenshots and/or videos to explain your exact situation so you get the answers you need.

If you have questions like:

“What course should I start with first?”
“Can you give me some tips on creating my measurement plan?”
“I’m trying to bring in data from various sources, what would you recommend?”

Reach out to “Ask An Instructor” Support any time you get stuck!

No problem! The “Ask an Instructor” Support System is just like having a Measurement Marketing consultant at your disposal. And, you’ll get answers in hours not days.

Connect with the global community in the “Winner’s Circle”…

Stay informed as we release Measurement Marketing news and gain access to a super supportive Private Group filled with measurement marketing-focused marketers just like you.

Here’s Everything You Get:

With Measurement Marketing Academy…
Instant access to ALL current Courses for Google Analytics (Google Analytics 4), Tag Manager, Dashboards & Reports, and Strategy.
Access to Future Courses (w/ special invites to LIVE Courses)
Unlimited Access to “Ask An Instructor” Support System
Private Members-Only “Winner’s Circle” Community​ [NOT INCLUDED]
Measurement Marketing Academy “Test Run” 30-Day Guarantee​
Price Lock Guarantee (Your rates will NEVER go up.)​

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