July 3, 2022

Medium Writing Academy By Sinem Gunel – Free Download Course


Medium Writing Academy By Sinem Gunel – Free Download MWA Course


By joining the Medium Writing Academy, you will be able to…

Make an income through your writing
Through Medium, it’s easier than ever before to get paid for your writing. You can focus entirely on writing great posts and building an audience that is really interested in your message.

Impress readers and editors
You will learn all the strategies that matter when creating a great article on Medium. Editors won’t ignore your pieces anymore and readers will love your work.

Save your precious time
When I started on Medium, I chose the path of trial and error. I invested 1.5 years into understanding what really works. The Academy will be a massiv shortcut for you.

Course Content

Module 1: Medium Fundamentals
– What is Medium and how did it evolve?
– Benefits and Opportunities of writing on Medium
– The Medium Paywall (Partner Program)
– The Medium front page
– Profiles
– Stories
– Publications

Module 2: A Writer’s Mindset & How To Build A Consistent Writing Practice
– What a writing career is NOT
– How much time will you dedicate to your writing?
– What’s your goal on Medium?
– What to write about
– How to generate & store ideas
– How to build a writing habit

Module 3: Successful Medium Stories: What They Have In Common & How To Write Them
– How to write, format & publish a story
– Formatting Cheatsheet
– The Most popular Topics on Medium
– How top writers format their stories
– What is curation and how do I write posts that Medium will curate?
– The perfect length of a successful Medium story
– The power of headlines and how to write them
-Headlines Cheatsheet

Module 4: Everything You Need To Know About Publications
– What are publications and why are they so important?
– How to get published in major publications
– Medium Publication Cheatsheet
– How to create your own Medium publication and when to do it

Module 5: Medium Growth Strategies
– Understanding Medium stats
– How to promote your Medium stories externally
– How to use Medium Tags & What ‘Top Writer Tags’ are
– Top Writer Tags Cheatsheet
– The power of responses
– The power of an email list

Module 6: Medium Mastery
– Your writing is never about you
– The PAS Formula for persuasive writing
– SEO tips to get external traffic
– The only writing tool you really need
– How to make money through Medium outside of the Partner Program

But… this course is not for everyone

Don’t get me wrong: I love supporting aspiring writers on their way to succeeding on Medium, but I can’t help everyone.

The methods I will teach you in the Medium Writing Academy are proven to work but it’s certainly not a get-rich-quick-scheme. Making it big on Medium will require you to apply my advice, get the work done, and believe in yourself.

Are we still on the same page? Is this something you can commit to?
Ready to invest time and money into elevating your Medium writing career?
Join me and let’s kickstart your journey to success!

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