July 3, 2022

Mental Model Club By Michael Simmons – Free Download Course


Mental Model Club By Michael Simmons – Free Download Course

The Secret “Thinking Tool” Of Self-Made Billionaires

The Thinking Toolkit That Self-Made Billionaires, Accelerated Learners, Technology Investors, Successful Entrepreneurs, Highly-Paid Consultants & Coaches, & Cultural Creatives Are Using To Dramatically Increase Their Success…

What Are Mental Models

I first stumbled on mental models when I was reading the work of Charlie Munger, the self-made billionaire partner of Warren Buffett. It’s his secret weapon for making decisions, succeeding in business, and choosing winning investments. I’ve since learned that other self-made billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Ray Dalio use mental models as well. You can think of a mental model simply as: “The way you think that things work in a particular domain.” It’s the idea that you have about how something works. If your model is bad, then your thinking is bad. If your model is accurate, then your thinking (and decision-making, and prediction ability) is far more accurate. It’s that simple.

Think better

Decide smarter

Learn faster

Top 5 Mental Models
To make smarter decisions in your career, business and life, master the most useful and universal mental models.

Protege Effect
How to remember what you learn, apply what you learned automatically, and get incredible results.

Success By Subtraction
How to simplify every area of your life, and instantly become happier and more productive.

80/20 Rule
How to make the right decisions in any situation, even when you’re overwhelmed.

Outlier Algorithm
How to discover original ideas that most people miss, and carve your own unique path to success.

Trademark Idea
How to turn your knowledge into ideas that people share everywhere AND pay a premium for.

The more that I learned and used mental models in my thinking, decision making, writing, business… and personal life… the more I realized that I had discovered a secret mental weapon.

I was using thinking tools that most other people hadn’t discovered, and I was getting much better results in life. From bringing in new clients, to generating investment capital, to having a happy family, these new mindsets and mental tools were giving me a huge advantage, and amazing results.

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