August 15, 2022

MSc Masters in Digital Marketing By Digital Marketing Institute – Free Download Course DMI


MSc Masters in Digital Marketing By Digital Marketing Institute – Free Download Course DMI

Digital marketing is the exciting game the whole worlds wants to play. But what if you want more? To take the game to places yet unseen? To own it. This dynamic MSc Masters in Digital Marketing two year distance learning programme gives you the deep understanding, skills and specialist knowledge to master the game, plus DMI Membership which means access to white-hot industry insights and opportunities. Become an expert’s expert.

This course is about exploring the edge. Advanced skills, specialist knowledge and strategies. Critical thinking. How to meet any challenge the game throws up and more. The modules are building blocks – of the game, of your career, of the brand new expert’s expert that is you. Here is what you need to know about the MSc Digital Marketing Masters:

Communications and Consumer
Module Info & Overview
Strategy, strategy, strategy. This module is about strategic management as artform. How to make your digital strategy watertight so it holds up beautifully under boardroom scrutiny and out in the real world as it manifests across platforms. It all starts with solid development and planning. Then how to identify the right channels for your brand – who are you speaking to? How do you speak to them? How do these people think, feel and behave in life and online? We take that timeless and priceless marketing classic, the value proposition, and show how it works in this wild new landscape (as brilliantly as ever, with a little inspired translation). Then we move deeper into the artform – basic, integration and defensive strategies and how to produce insightful and delightful C-level reports on your campaign.

No, digital isn’t re-inventing the wheel, just making it spin faster – and faster again – so it covers more ground, shoots to the moon and comes right back to tell you all about its adventures in realtime and pinpoint detail.

Search Marketing
Module Info & Overview
Search marketing is another mighty and undying module of influence and power. Just ask 90% of people who search info and alternatives before purchase. The search engine is the oracle.

Of course, we’ve got a whole bag of tricks and power tools to make the oracle work in your brand’s favour. This module will give you the full low down on Pay-Per-Click advertising (PPC). Also learn how to do a search engine optimization audit and whip up a suitably dynamic and responsive strategy. Acquire the all-seeing, all knowing godlike powers of web analytics – and use that knowledge to create super-campaigns and search marketing plans that convert users into consumers and consumers into cash. When the oracle speaks, it shall speak your brand’s name.

Mobile Marketing
Module Info & Overview
We love our phones. Nearly 60% of us are also use our phones to search before purchasing (is that all?), so mobile marketing is a hot opportunity. And a fascinating, growing one – phones are all about power, connectivity and decision-making on the fly.

This module helps you identify opportunities for new-fangled apps, games and in-game advertising and of course, a staggering range of messaging platforms on which to reach your audience on their virtual turf. It’s all about context. How we use our phones and when. Our time-killing moments, our down-time behaviours. Reach right into the palm of your audience’s hand in relevant and meaningful ways via the phone.

Social Media Marketing
Module Info & Overview
There is a big conversation, with billions of people talking, non-stop, all over the world. The conversation is powerful. It can transform cultures, rip down belief systems, turn a reality star into the biggest mega-celeb in history and change the way we talk, eat, exercise and think about ourselves. It’s called social media and you want in. And if you’re already there, you want more in.

Influence is not a subtle thing you do from the shadows anymore. It’s not even an artform, it’s a science. There is a world of white-hot thought, insight and practice to help you get inside the conversation around your industry and your brand and lead it where you need it to go. But first go deep inside the minds you want to reach. Explore the networks, find your people and learn how to speak their digital language. We teach creative social media strategies. We teach how to implement budgets, set and measure KPIs and analyze the effectiveness of campaigns using key metrics such as click-through rates, open rates, likes and more. But really, we teach how to connect, engage, delight, amuse, make people aware. How to make people feel warm, cool and happy.

eCommerce and Email
Module Info & Overview
This module teaches the true nuts and bolts of digital selling and how to stay in a happy relationship with your very desirable customers.

The focus is on that consumer journey. How to bring the right people to your eCommerce website and ensure that what they feel there is warmth and seamlessness, a silky smooth, effortless and satisfying journey towards purchase – created with the invisible yet awesome superpowers of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and pinpoint analytics. Of course, one seductive experience does not a lasting relationship make. Keep the love alive with emails that say all the right things (no, emails are not out of fashion and never will be) and add a little intrigue with dynamic onsite content. The path of true love never runs smooth but A/B tests help you analyse what’s working (or not) and iron out those kinks for a better experience for both of you.
Finally, a lesson on trust and attentiveness. You get to respond to a range of case studies that show how different customer services experiences affect an eCommerce business where trust is at the fragile, beating heart of a purchasing decision.

Digital Strategy & Planning
Module Info & Overview
And now back to strategy. Last time round, we explored planning as artform, stripped back, stark and aspirational. This time round, you are equipped with a full set of superpowers to flesh out those bare bones. Knowing now what these incredible superpowers can do, your ambition may be far bigger, and it will certainly be more actionable.

That’s because you are now a brand new, fresh and eager digital strategist. In this final section we pull together all the many strands, streams and practices of your new discipline with some big picture thinking. Explore big data, analytics, machine learning and AI. Reframe social media as a customer service channel. Consolidate state-of-the-art theory and practice in advanced digital strategies that wow even the most hardened boardrooms, captivate consumers and seamlessly convert into sales. Welcome to your snazzy and powerful new career.


Sharp and experienced marketing and business professionals who know their worth and want to communicate it to the world.
Marketing Managers and Senior Management
Proven talent who are ready to rise up and take their place
Small Business Owners who may or may not want to stay small
Experts who want to become expert’s expert. Who want to become true authorities in their field.
Entrepreneurs who want to be more entrepreneurial


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