July 3, 2022

Nick’s Real Estate Masterclass By Nick Huber – Free Download Course


Nick’s Real Estate Masterclass By Nick Huber – Free Download Course The Sweaty Startup

A deep dive into real estate. How deals are measured, structured, financed and operated. The risk factors, how to gain a competitive advantage, and more.

This is what I wish I knew about real estate when I was 25 years old with some cash in my pocket, about to do my first deal.

This is what I’ve learned over the past several years of being a real estate professional building a portfolio of $20MM worth of self storage assets we own and operate. This is what real estate entrepreneurs teach their children around the dinner table. Its the concepts I’ll work to instill in my children so they can enter the field and succeed.

I can promise you even experienced real estate investors will get nuggets of wisdom and will learn something new from this course. It is more practical and valuable than any college real estate course.

What this isn’t
This is not a way to get started in real estate today with no money. It is not a way to get rich quick in real estate. It’s not a way to go from 0 to 1 and create new wealth through real estate.

This is not a guide on operating specific asset classes of real estate. This is not a complete, in-depth guide on any one aspect of real estate.

While it provides the frameworks, this is not a guide on putting together your first deal with other people’s money and jumping in head first.


Who is this course for?
How do real estate investors get really wealthy?
The two almighty definitions: NOI and Cap rates
Cap rates and NOI – a quiz
Nick’s Journey
Nick’s Portfolio and Brief History
5 mins
How to create a lot of money out of thin air
The wealthiest guy I know
Trampolines, gyms and cold hard cash
The skills you need to win
Communication and Writing
Likability, Trust and Emotional Intelligence
The mindset of a successful investor
The way to think about the critical aspects of business
Types of real estate
A list of niche real estate asset classes and key terms
How to learn any asset class very quickly
Find the professionals – talk to them, work for them or compete with them
How real estate is valued
Smell Tests, speculation and trends
Underwriting – how to figure out what a property is worth to you
Aspects of a good cash flow model
Deal Overview
289 KB
Monthly Cash Flow Model
263 KB
A walk through my model
10 mins
Where do you get a model specific to your industry?
Due Diligence
Due Diligence List
64.4 KB
How appreciation works
The ways to force appreciation
An operational advantage and the holy grail
The roll-up strategy and cap rate compression
Time – the ultimate tailwind
4 mins
Key definitions
The great amplifier
Visualizing Leverage in Real Estate w/ Nick Huber
Refinance and Recaps
Deal Breakdown: My $2MM cash-out-refi
Debt Constant
Debt Constant Worksheet
Debt Yield
Debt Constant Table
237 KB
Debt Constant / Debt Yield discussion
4 mins
Debt Constant / Debt Yield Quiz
Alternative financing method: securities backed line of credit
The Tax Advantages of Real Estate
Depreciation / Bonus Depreciation
Basis, Bonus Depreciation, Recapture, Capital Gains
11 mins
Interest Expense as a Deduction
Real Estate Professional Status
1031 Exchange
Step-up In Basis
Income vs. Capital Gains
QOZ – Qualified Opportunity Zone
Conservation Easements
Additional Loopholes
Basis and Depreciation Quiz
Recapture and Capital Gains Quiz
IRS Publication 946 – Depreciation
2.3 MB
IRS Depreciation FAQ
47.7 KB
Cost Seg Study Example – Self Storage Facility
6.61 MB
Cost Seg Study Example – Vacation / rental property
6.48 MB
The Risks of Real Estate
How to lose a lot of money really fast
Everything is cyclical
Operations, Emotions and CAPEX
How to hedge your risk
How do I get started?
What you probably don’t want to hear
Quality over quantity
The golden rule of real estate
How much cash do I need and what kind of returns can I expect?
Scale or stay small?
Beta vs. Alpha
My framework for spotting real estate opportunities
Real estate opportunities I love right now
Your real estate team
The Banker, Attorney, CPA, Contractor and Insurance Agent
The hardest relationship to build – contractors and service providers
5 mins
The dynamics of buying a property
Are you a closer or a joker?
The off-market cold call
Looking at deals from Brokers
The offer
DEAL OVERVIEW: Gloversville – when the buyer has all the leverage
8 mins
78.2 KB
PSA, Real Estate Attorney, Due Diligence Period
Due Diligence Request List.pdf
64.4 KB
Raising OPM (other people’s money)
Company Overview Deck
2.06 MB
Preferred Equity Deck Example
4.57 MB
My Unique Structure Overview
81.3 KB
Unique Structure Deck Example
1.8 MB
Example Cashflow Scenarios Document
1.15 MB
My biggest mistakes in real estate
New development, zoning and prepayment penalties
13 mins
Nick’s Deal Breakdowns
My first deal and how we made $2MM through a cash-out refinance
Pittsburgh PA Deal
Shippenville PA Deal
Closing on Erie / Pittsburg (vlog style)
RE #73: Nick Huber – Self Storage & Sweaty Businesses
RE #112: Nick Huber – Self Storage, Twitter, & Sweat (Part 2)
Profitable Real Estate Investing I Nick Huber l Pomp Podcast #453
Get to know Nick – and the non-sexy areas of entrepreneurship

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