August 15, 2022

Nutrition Coach Certification By Working Against Gravity – Free Download Course


Nutrition Coach Certification By Working Against Gravity – Free Download Course

Through our Certification Program, you’ll become an expert in nutrition science and coaching. Use the knowledge you gain to help your clients get the results they want for their physical, mental and emotional health.

We only have a limited number of spots available, and the way for you to get yours is right here… but don’t sleep on it. They go fast!

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What is the Working Against Gravity Certification?
There’s a huge difference between information and transformation.

At Working Against Gravity, we give our certified coaches both the knowledge they need and the tools to implement it for the people they seek to serve.

Our mission is simple: we want to help people lose weight, gain muscle, increase performance and feel better than ever through the power of customized, one-on-one nutrition coaching.

If you want that, too, then our certification program is your one-stop-shop for making it happen.

Life is more than food, but proper nutrition plays a huge role in every facet of a person’s well-being (and we’ve got more than 25,000 members who can attest). We’ll teach you our individualized, macro-focused method for results that last – not just in you and your client’s physical bodies, but in your mental and emotional selves, as well.

We teach you to uncover the knowledge, control and confidence – deeply buried but inherent in all of us – necessary to empower each client’s body and mind, so that you can help them trade short-term “fixes” for long-term fulfillment.


The WAG Certification includes all that we know and use – from the latest in nutrition science to tens of thousands of hours’ worth of professional expertise – distilled and delivered directly to you.


The Course Curriculum: How it Works
We keep it simple: the entire WAG Certification course exists within our easy-to-use online platform. The curriculum is broken up into multiple phases, the first of which you’ll be given immediate access to following registration for the program, and each remaining phase is unlocked upon successful completion of the one before it.

Intro to Flexible Dieting and Nutrition Science
Learn from the best of the best in nutrition science and the people who put their knowledge to work. Here, you’ll have access to world-renowned research, and the opportunity to take full advantage of our library of reference material to use as you work with your own clients.

The WAG Knowledge Base: Understanding Clients and their Needs
Each person is unique, and “healthy nutrition” is not a one-size-fits-all prescription. Here, we take a deep-dive into our main focus area – macros. What are they, how do they work, and how do you assign them according to your client’s goals?

Creating Sample Profiles (Application)
Have you ever heard it said that knowledge is nothing without action? Here, you’ll put your learning to work through assigning macronutrient programs to variable client scenarios and connecting with us, personally, to discuss your philosophy and show us how you arrived at your conclusions.

WAG Level 2 Coaching Manual (Nutrition and Psychology)
Here, we focus largely on your approach to coaching clients successfully, which includes everything from when to speak and when to listen, motivation and mindfulness, and how to scale your own business while combating imposter syndrome, practicing self-care and time and energy management.

Sample Client Check-ins & Advanced, Challenging Scenarios
In the fifth and final stage of this program, you’ll have the opportunity to prove your unique ability to respond to client check-ins as though you were their coach, receive feedback from your certification administrator, and practice creative, personalized planning for the next stage of their journey.

Specialty Programs – Ketogenic Diet & Coaching Pregnant Women
Learn how to set macros for keto clients, train individuals in their diet and educate them about how to test ketones. Additionally, learn pregnancy physiology and trimester-specific, nutrition-rich recommendations for soon-to-be-moms so that you can properly support women to healthy pregnancies.

Special Bonus Offers
FREE ACCESS to our most popular Advanced Nutrition Coaching Series

At WAG, we pride ourselves on our commitment to learning and require coaches to complete Advanced Nutrition Coaching assignments. We know we don’t know everything (who does?!), so we are always in growth mode. Currently we have 5 Advanced Nutrition Coaching packages, including:

Sports Performance
How to work with clients who are looking to win, make weight and optimize their off and on seasons.
Common Coaching Challenges
Skip the learning curve by diving into entire modules based on the most challenging scenarios you’ll find yourself in with clients.
Gut Health & Physiology
Dive into the inner workings on the body so that you can best identify and guide clients who may need more intervention.
Popular Diets
Become the go-to source on all aspects of the most popular diets so that when your clients come asking “should I try this?” you have the knowledge to help.
Women’s Health
Women are unique butterflies and understanding their cycles and hormones is key to being a responsible and successful coach.
Valued at $260.

LIVE The Macro Coaching Masterclass hosted by Adee and Michael Cazayoux

Beat imposter syndrome, attract your ideal clients and build the confidence you need to become a world class nutrition coach in this 5 day masterclass hosted by Adee and Michael Cazayoux.

Join live video sessions to hone your skills and master the art coaching.

Day 1: Imposter Syndrome
What is it and how to move past it so you can start realizing your full nutrition coaching potential.
Day 2: How to Set Macros
Learn how to find the best starting set of macros for your client so they start their journey strong.
Day 3: Habit Building 101
Helping your clients built habits they can trust and rely on is key to their success.
Day 4: Building Trust
Your clients need to trust you if they’re going to follow your program and advice. We’ll dig into how to create a strong baseline relationship.
Day 5: Managing YOUR Emotions
The way you show up reflects in your ability to support your clients. Managing your emotions is one of the MOST important things you can learn.
Valued at $388.

The chance to win two free one-on-one calls with Michael and Adee to get your coaching business up and running.

The perfect prize if you’re looking to make nutrition coaching your career. The first 100 people to enroll in the certification will automatically enter the draw to win two free calls with Michael and Adee.

Valued at $1,994

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