August 15, 2022

Organic Marketing And Sales By Jeweliet Tangen – Free Download Course


Organic Marketing And Sales By Jeweliet Tangen – Free Download Course

Hello folks, as you know I’m Jeweliet Tangen, owner of The Strategy Loft where we’ve helped over a thousand coaches and service providers startup during those last years.

I want to give you my full throttle course on “organic scaling” so that you achieve massive 7 figure success online.

That’s a bold claim, I know. But so far we’ve helped 8 coaches hit $100k per month organically.

Here’s what you should know about me before buying…
I have helped 8 companies reach $100k+ per month. I’ve helped 2 companies reach 8 figures. Annnddd, most impressively I’ve been working with massive companies across the globe to triple their profit margins with Organic Scaling tactics. (This is a photo of me and one of my best students)
I donate multiple 6 figures a year to charity. I’m a firm believer in “the more you give, the more you make” philosophy– and I always encourage my students to donate more. (This is a photo of me and some friends volunteering at a maximum security prison)
My team and I operate out our of HQ in downtown San Diego. We currently have a team of 10 people, and service over 3,000 customers on helping them grow their businesses. (This is shot of workspace in San Diego).
It took me 7 months to land my first client.
But from there… I scaled insanely fast.
I don’t have a “got rich quick” story for you. In fact, it took me longer to land my first high paying client than it does most people.

But, there was one major difference between my results and everyone else’s…

Even though it took me longer to get started, I actually scaled to 6 and 7 figures significantly faster than everyone else did.

I went from $0 to $100k per month in less than a year– while everyone else was at a standstill with their marketing.

If it wasn’t for building a strong brand online and using a system based off the
principles of marketing (and not just the latest advertising tool), I wouldn’t be where I am today.
Let me first do my part to scare of the “wantrepreneurs” on this page…
Here’s what this course will NOT do for you:
✔️ How to setup your funnel and Facebook advertising account (there are tons of courses out there that can teach you how to spend money on ads)

✔️Teach you how to get rich quickly by taking shortcuts or scamming people

✔️Tell you exactly what your business should sell and help you create your products
None of that would help you anyways.

And I know what you’re thinking… “Is organic really the way to go at the beginning?” and
“Is it as effective as paid advertising?”

Rather than explain the magical powers of organic scaling and how it’s better in the long run blah blah blah….

I’d rather just show you how effective these organic strategies are.

At the beginning of 2019 we did a split test with two entrepreneurs that were nearly identical.

✔️They were brand new with no previous experience, testimonials, or social proof
✔️ They were both going into the same niche
✔️ They were around the same age, and looked very similar psychically

The ONLY difference was that one entrepreneur worked with my team and I on establishing a stong brand online and monetizing it…

While the other guy launched a Facebook ad campaign that looked liked:

Ad > Optin > Webinar > Schedule Call > Sell on the Call

In 4 months, the results were insane.

The guy running ads was at a respectable $25k per month in revenue, while spending about $7.4k on ads…

And the guy who stuck with the organic strategies was at $43k per month, with $0 adspend.

In this test, our organic scaling strategies worked twice as fast AND took our client twice as far that Facebook ads did.
As for myself, here are a few benefits I get from building a strong brand and organic strategy:
✅ I delight in the highest profit margins in my industry. Boasting nearly 75% percent profits, while everyone else is spending hundreds of thousands on ads every month

✅ I have a team of nearly 10 people that practically run my entire company, which keeps my time free to do what I want

✅ Traveling the world (and being paid for it) as a guest speaker on close to a dozen stages.

✅ Landing $2mm + deals with massive corporations that want to build their OWN online brand and maximize profits

✅ Bought a penthouse in San Diego, where I literally live ontop of the city

✅ Have worked with over 1,500 coaches and service providers

✅ Get complimented daily on how valuable my free content is, and get sent referrals from people that haven’t even bough my stuff because they trust me so much

✅ I donate multiple 6 figures a year to feeding hungry kids and ending sex slavery (both causes really near to my heart)

✅Investing over $120K this year into the advancement and growth of my own business (and then pass those lessons onto you)

✅Over $3mm in the pipeline, already lined up for next year
Not trying to brag. I’m just demonstrating how YOU can benefit from building a profitable online brand.
Honestly, I never thought I would be able to acheive what I have so fast and so young.

See, I grew up in sex slavery until I was 6 years old, when I was adopted. The emotional trauma and baggage of that has followed me my whole life.

At one point, I was so low that I didn’t think I’d make it out of my teens.

Then when I was a freshman in high school, my adoptive mother passed away leaving me family-less and alone.

I had no idea what I was doing, but by 16 I was living alone in my own apartment, working a job at a retirement home and secretly dreaming of a better life.

The difference is, I quit my shitty 9-to-5 job before I made a dime from my business.

I took a big leap of faith into myself… And just a few weeks after quitting, I landed my first client and made $107,000 my first year in business.

Fast forwards not quite a decade later, and my company looks very different.

I own several companies, which together generate 8 figures in sales.

And my day job is helping people, like you, grow their own wildly profitable online ventures.

But I still made 70% of my sales organically, and am considered the “queen of organic marketing.”

The thing is, you don’t have to struggle for months and bounce around trying to figure what to do to land client predictably.

This course takes the guesswork out of crafting your offer and generating your few couple dozen clients on demand.
“But Jeweliet, this course is expensive.
How do I know I’ll get my money back?!”
Truthfully, you need to ask yourself how “expensive” it is to keep your business where it’s at and give up on your dreams…

Because right now you have a choice.

You can invest $247 into yourself, use this course to get your business off the ground, and start building the life you want…

Or you can pay the price of potentially never getting anywhere.
Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll learn
✔️ How to craft and word your offer using the core principles of persuasion, so that it’s impossible for anybody to resist

✔️Securing major partnerships at the beginning to leverage other people’s audiences to grow your business

✔️Copywriting skills to take your sales pages from blah… to converting like crazy

✔️Creating content that goes viral, gets shared by your target market, and allows you to dominate your space online

✔️Templates and techniques for outreaching directly to your ideal customers (rather than waiting for them to come to you)

✔️Build a brand that loves and TRUSTS you, that you can sell to anytime you want and generate money on demand

✔️Enrolling customers via messenger and avoid having to do endless sales calls with people that aren’t interested and under-qualified

✔️How to get asked to speak on stages across the globe (and never have to pay to get there)

✔️Get a nickname like “organic marketing queen” that let’s everyone know that YOU DOMINATE your space

✔️Step-by-step instructions for implementing everything I just mentioned (no fluff, actual steps to follow)

✔️A whole lot more…
Yes! Enroll Me NOW Hurry… Only linited time offer
Ahhh…The final piece of the puzzle…
“Can you PROVE that the OMG can help me?”
I love this part.

You’ve came all this way, and you’re still here which means that you’re interested… But you haven’t bought yet.

Probably because you’re still not 100% convinced this can help you.

And first let me say, if you haven’t seen at least 3 of my free trainings online and established some level of trust with me– then do NOT buy this course.

I only want people to buy the OMG if they believe 100% that it can help them and they trust me.

Now for the fun part…

Here are some quick stats about the OMG that I think will impress you:

— We’ve have over 1,500 hundred people purchase this course (as referred to as our “Guide”)

— Over 100 people have reported back to us that they have generated $10+ from their investment (and when you only spend $247… that’s a great ROI)

— It’s made specifically for beginners in business, who cannot afford major investments like $5k to work with me on a higher level

— If you execute everything you learned from this guide, and it doesn’t generate a return from you within 60 days, I will refund you 100%


You want more proof?

How about some testimonials straight from the mouths of our students!

Yes! Enroll Me NOW Hurry… Only linited time offer
But wait… There’s MORE.

Check out of the FREE Bonuses you get when you enroll.
Bonus #1: 12 Month Blueprint to 7 Figures
Over years I have helped a lot of people scale to 7 figures in record time.

While most people are stuck trying to make their more profitable, and scale them at the same time…

My students have been not-so-quietly SCALING their own businesses to $100k+ month organically.

And most of them have gotten there in under a year…

I’ve mapped out exactly what the month-after-month strategy looks likes to accomplish that, and put into this resource.

This alone will 10x your currently strategy.

But let’s not stop there. I also want to give you…
Bonus #2: Free coaching call with our team
It can be scary investing into a new course.

So to ensure you get the maximum return on your investment, we offer to do 30mins 1on1 calls with our new students.

These calls will be with a member our of client support team, and we will walk you *exactly* how to overcome your largest hurdles…

Execute our organic strategy…

And start getting more clients online.

We only have a limited about of spaces left for these calls, so join before we fill up!
Yes! Enroll Me NOW Hurry… Only linited time offer
Enroll Now…
While the OMG is HALF OFF
I’m not going to hit you with some false scarcity bullshit.

When we launched this Guide we priced it at $500.

And people have been HAPPY to pay that because they’ve seen the results I get for my clients.

But there has been a nagging desire I’ve had to be able to reach more people and help them create their own success.

So I’ve cut our normal fees in half… Making this our riskiest product yet.

I believe it’s an entrepreneur’s responsibility to pass on what they’ve learned to help as many people as possible- so that anyone who is courageous to take this crazy journey or owning a business has a fair shot of actually seeing it succeed.

But I also believe in profits.

And if I find that the profits just aren’t there from cutting our prices in half, I will have to bump the price back up.

That’s not sales tactic. It’s just a fact.
Are you going to sleep on the opportunity and be like the 90% of entrepreneurs that never get where they want to be because they’re too afraid to take action?
If you keep doing everything as you’ve been doing… You’re going to keep getting the same results.

(Thanks Albert Einstein).

And I believe you’re reading this because you want better results than what you’re getting now.

It’s time for you to stop telling yourself that you’ll figure it out in a few months, and that you’re on the verge on your “big break.”

You’re in a rude awakening when you realize that there is no such thing as a “big break.”

There is just implementing a system that has proven results, and doing it consistently until you hit your goals.

Every minute you spend online running ads and posting content without the tools taught in this course could be costing your more sales, profits, and results than you imagine.

This course will teach you exactly how to craft an offer, build a huge online brand, dominate your niche, and generate your next 50+ clients predictably…

Get Jeweliet Tangen – Organic Marketing and Sales download

Are you ready?
Yes! Enroll Me NOW Hurry… Only linited time offer
Here’s What To Do Next:
All you need to enroll into “Organic The New Rich” course is to fill out the secure order form on this page.

Let us know where to send your downloads & bonuses…

And within minutes YOU will be able to dive in and start accessing the high level training on organic scaling available.

Then you’ll join our Facebook Support Group and we’ll be able to support you ever step of the way!

I can’t wait to see how you take the strategies in this Guide. It will completely change the way you attract clients.

Jeweliet Tangen
CEO, The Strategy Loft
Yes! Enroll Me NOW Hurry… Only linited time offer
PS- Incase you like to skip to the end like me, here’s the deal…

Today you will getting access to my legendary Organic Marketing Guide (also known as the “OMG”) for HALF of what it normally costs.

I’m offering this because I want to reach more people without “investment” being a determining factor as to who I do and don’t work with.

It’s been purchased over 1,500 times and has helped hundreds of people make $10,000+ with their business.

The OMG is designed for beginners- no matter what stage they’re at. It’s NOT a get rich quick course, but it WILL teach you how to dominate your space online and grow insanely fast organically.

organic the new rich

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