August 15, 2022

Playing The Matrix For Losing Weight & Looking Great By Mike Dooley – Free Download Course


Playing The Matrix For Losing Weight & Looking Great By Mike Dooley – Free Download Course

When was the last time you felt gorgeous?
Glowing-with-confidence, walking-with-a-skip-in-your-step, catching-your-reflection-with-a-smile gorgeous.

Maybe it’s been a few months since you’ve felt that way. Perhaps even a few years.
Or…maybe you can’t remember feeling that way in a very, very long time.
You may have heard of NY Times best-selling author and teacher Mike Dooley’s acclaimed manifestation program called Playing the Matrix—if not, you’re in for a treat.

The Matrix offers a straightforward approach that cleverly guides you—every time, every step of the way, and without compromise—to manifesting whatever it is that your heart most desires.
And yes, that includes your ideal weight and optimal physical appearance.

By learning to master the crucial, little-known keys of manifestation, and following up with wisely chosen baby steps, you can completely turn your life around—and transform your body and appearance within the spectrum of bodily aesthetics —while avoiding the common manifestation mistakes that trip most people up as they hopelessly try to lose weight and love their looks.

In this course, Mike helps you understand exactly how to “play the Matrix” in order to have the body you want. Period. No more searching for answers, trying new diet fads, or fighting to maintain willpower. No more nervous checks in the mirror or feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.

In this empowering 3-hour journey, you’ll learn how to transform your looks and change the course of your life forever with proven tools and secrets of manifestation that will enable you, once and for all, to achieve the physical appearance you desire. Whether you want to lose weight, rejuvenate your appearance, look like your younger self, or finally fit into your old jeans, don’t hesitate on taking the next step in this life-changing journey today.


Change the things about your appearance that displease you, with the least amount of effort possibleTransform your body and achieve your ideal weightEngage your body’s own ability to find balance, restore, and rejuvenate itselfBreak through the self-sabotaging blocks and limiting beliefs that might be unknowingly obstructing you from the physical appearance you desireDefine what it is that you truly want in terms of an ideal physical appearance—which is the crucial first step in engaging the magic of the UniverseDemonstrate, prepare, and act “as if” you’ve already achieved the transformation you desire, which will pull it straight to you (including 100+ real-life examples!)Take action on your transformation without being attached to “how to get there”—which gives the Universe all the latitude it needs to get you thereExpedite your make-over with time-tested methods so that you can achieve your desired new looks as fast as possible

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