August 15, 2022

Power University By Lucio Buffalmano – Free Download Course


Power University By Lucio Buffalmano – Free Download Course – Power Dynamics – The Power Moves

Power University is a 10 week, step-by-step program designed to give you the skills to acquire power, status, riches, and attractive partners.

The top 1 % would rather keep you ignorant of power dynamics. But if you are reading here, maybe you’re awakening to the truth.

Not only the standard path to success is untrue, it’s often counterproductive.

And that’s why despite doing all the things you’ve been told you should do, you haven’t been able to get the life you want (yet).

Those who don’t understand power dynamics are doomed to a below-average existence, far below their potential.
And that, to me, is the ultimate waste of life.

And that is why I create Power University.

THAT is why I created Power University
Because this isn’t just about power.
It’s about life.
I got to work on Power University once it became clear to me that:

I wasn’t the only one being held back in life
Most people unwittingly act low-power right when confidence matters most (work superiors, attractive mates, and people they admire)
Once you show driven men and women how success really works, they 10x their lives
What would life be like if you had the tools to gets all that you always wanted?

That’s what Power University gives you.
Power University gives you the tools to achieve the type of dream life that you want.

And Once you get the tools to succeed, you can live life on your terms.
You can climb the corporate ladder, get the hot spouse, the big house, the Ferrari, and all of that.
Or you can disappear and do your own thing, as Lucio did.

Great social skills must include things such as frame control, manipulation, value-exchanges, Machiavellian strategies, and winning.

Believing anything else is not only naive, but selfish.
It’s selfish to expect that any top man or woman owes you anything, if you don’t also have top man or top woman value to offer.
And lacking those skills will only lead to more failure,

So now the question becomes:

How do you become that best possible option, acquire status, power, and make people want you to as a leader?

That’s what no other courses teach.
And those are the unique skills that you will learn in Power University.

The Dawn of Power University
That night crouched down on the floor something changed in me.

I flipped a switch, and decided that enough was enough.

I took massive action, coupled with massive studying.
Specifically, I started studying power, self-empowerment, and social success.
Eventually, there was less and less material for the type of success I wanted, and my research was more on more self-generated.
I started developing my own approach to social skills, including seduction, power dynamics, and the “darker” aspects of socialization, like manipulation and Machiavellian strategies.

And like Neo, I started to see the Matrix.

I got to a level of unconscious competence where everything started to come naturally.
I got to the point where I could see power dynamics on the fly, flip the scripts on shit-test, control frames, and then… Then I was able to acquire status in any group I entered, and to gain people’s respect and admiration.

It felt like a superpower.

That’s when I became what we call here a “high-flying eagle”.
The eagle is a high-quality individual with great mindsets and advanced life skills.
He’s free to move and roam anywhere he wants. He can make friends and meet partners anytime he wants, and swiftly avoids and value-takers because… Because he knows how to recognize and connect with the best of men and women.

Why am I telling you this?
Because I want you to become that high-flying eagle.

How would you feel if you knew you could gain status in any group, be liked, respected, and wanted by anyone?

Well, the great news is that you can do it too. Because it’s all learnable. And I put all the steps and skills into a coherent system.

And what’s exactly inside Power University?

Power University contains 8 modules + 2 bonus modules designed to take you from whatever level you’re at, to social mastery.
They go in order from the basics, to the most advanced levels.
And let me tell you: even experienced students are STUNNED at how much they gain from Power University’s “foundational” modules.

Here’s What You’re Getting With Power University
1 – POWER 101
The best thing?

Power University is backed by thousands of books and studies, BUT…

It’s all about practical strategies and techniques:

It’s Not Learning, It’s Training
Most courses on the market are either people talking in front of a camera, or voice over slides.

I never believed in either of them.
Power University leverages all mediums, depending on what works best.

This course shows:

The end result is a course-training that develops within you the skills to excel in life.

Real-life video examples
Self-produced exclusive videos
Real-life texts breakdowns
Case studies
Community-based real-life scenarios

More Bonuses
And there is more.

To make Power University a real no-brainer we have rolled all the best wisdom for life success into one single product.

These bonus ebooks condense the knowledge of the best books and researches in a compact, easy to consume size. So you get 4 bonuses that have 3 years of learning in each and are valued at €1.004 altogether.
So, you can put the time and money you’ll save toward those holidays you deserve -or whatever gift you want to make yourself-.

social power bonuses

Wealth Guide (49 value)

The metasummary of all personal finance books and “get rich literature”.
You will get all the knowledge from the best personal finance books in one hour.

✓ Pussy Power – dating guide (24 value)

An overview of the dating literature for women. Tens of books condensed into one, plus all the poor but common advice that you better avoid, highlighted and corrected by the author.

✓ Relationship Guide (29 value)

The best books and researches are condensed here.
It packs the most wisdom in the shortest time.

✓ Texting Guide (9 value)

Texting guide for men, where you can simply copy and paste the most effective texts to maximize the odds of getting dates.

✓ Surprise

A last meta-summary as a surprise.

✓ Unlimited Access to Subscribers’ Only Forum (199 value)

Full access to the advanced, subscribers-only area in the forum.
It includes extensive exercises to improve fundamentals such as voice, and posture.
And real-life case studies with too many details to be public.

✓ Lifetime access

Once you’re in the program, it’s yours forever.
And Power University IS constantly upgrading (7th generation right now).
But once you join, you get access to all future updates and bonuses, no matter how much the price will increase.

Add the ebooks, the unlimited access, and the two bonuses lessons, and you get and you get a total of nothing in bonuses all included in Power University.

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