August 15, 2022

PPC AMS Accelerator By Sean Smith – Free Download Amazon Course


PPC AMS Accelerator By Sean Smith – Free Download Amazon Course

Your Instructor :

He is an Amazon PPC and AMS addict. He left his job and started an Amazon advertising agency around 3 years ago. His clients are some of the fastest growing 7 & 8 figure brands on Amazon. Then he decided to build the ultimate PPC AMS course for Amazon businesses.

The course will teach you how to properly run Amazon Pay-Per-Click. The author has focused on this topic particularly because he sees this as a sector that’s under-served. Those teaching are predominately selling an Amazon course, with PPC tacked on the end.

PPC AMS Accelerator Includes:
Amazon Sponsored Products Bid Management Software
Training Program Membership
Coaching Calls 2x per week for 2 hours
Product Display Ads Bid Management Software
Headline Search Ad Semi-Automated Bid Management

Course Content :

Week 1 – Amazon PPC AMS Forecasting
1.The journey ahead
2.PPC Forecasting
3.AMS Forecasting

Week 2 – Amazon PPC Campaign Setup
4. Segmentation & Scale
5. Building Campaigns
6. Auto Campaign Genesis

Week 3 – Amazon PPC Bid Optimization
7. Launching Campaigns
8. Cutting Bleeders
9. Bid Data
10. Controlling Amazon PPC ACoS
11. Reverting PPC Agility Bid Changes
12. Keyword Whitelisting

Week 4 – AMS Setup
13. AMS Foundation
14. Writing for gold
15. AST & Nexus Report
16. HSA Mixed Data Sales
17. Drafting your PDA’s
18. Drafting your HSA’s
19. Launching campaigns
20. Bid Management Software
21. Reporting dashboard setup
22. AMS trouble shooting

Week 5 – Keyword Research
23. SP Suggested Part 1 – Keyword Research
24. SP Suggested Part 2 – Launching Campaigns
25. Self Cerebro Part 1 – Keyword Research
26. Self Cerebro Part 2 – Launching Campaigns
27. HSA Keyword Research
28. PDA gambling strategies
29. HSA Gold Panning
30. SP Category Targeting
31. Converting Product Targeting
32. Non-Converting Product Targeting
33. Product And Category Targeting Overview
34. Lower Rating Product Targeting
35. Holiday Keyword Research
36. Enhanced SP Auto Targeting
37. ASIN Targeting Auto

Week 6 – Project Management
38. AMS Project Management

Bonus Modules
39. CSTKWR Bid Changes
40. Amazon Prime Day
41. Prime Day Bid Prep
42. Black Friday Cyber Monday PPC AMS Budgets

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