July 3, 2022

PPC University By Mina Elias – Free Download Course Fundamentals Of Amazon PPC Sponsored Products


PPC University By Mina Elias – Free Download Course Fundamentals Of Amazon PPC Sponsored Products + Amazon PPC FREE TRAINING Included

Your Plan of Action For Amazon PPC
PPC University is the ultimate step-by-step plan of action for Amazon PPC Mastery.

This course starts from the ground up and provides you with easy actionable steps to take your product, brand or agency to the moon.

PPC University takes about 3 weeks to complete with 35+ videos, downloadable templates, and livestreams.

As an added bonus, Mina Elias will also hold your hand and mentor YOU personally.
Make More Money By Spending Less
+5 Sales a Day
-$10 in Ad Spend

$1800/month extra profit.
$21,900/year extra profit.

Every experienced Amazon Seller knows that Amazon FBA is a cash-flow intensive business. Meaning manufacturing, shipping, and tools all squeeze our profits.

The last thing we need is just another bill… but what if I told you there was a machine where you can put money in, and ALWAYS get more money out.

PPC University shows you exactly how you can create that machine, how to keep it well oiled, and how to optimize and automate.
The First of It’s Kind
When Mina first got into supplements it became apparent that the only way he was going to be successful is if he mastered Amazon PPC.

But there was one problem…

There was ZERO education on Amazon PPC.
And if you search the internet right now there’s still huge gaps of information.

So like the practitioner he is, Mina dove head first into the deep end…

Mina found what works by spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Amazon PPC.
And he went to every single Amazon conference and spoke to the top experts…

Only to find out he knew more than his teachers.

And so PPC University was born.
Teach a Man to Fish and He Eats for a Lifetime.
Mina created the course because he wanted to fill the education gap…

But differently…

He wanted to teach Amazon PPC so that no one has to depend on others.
Mina isn’t interested in upsales, paid masterminds, and over-priced consulting.

In fact, when Mina first got started he had to weed through all gurus and agencies promising the world to him…

When in reality, they were all wolves in sheepskin clothing.

In short, he created this course to help. And he guarantees that if you’re teachable, hard-working, and driven you can achieve similiar results.

What’s included?
38 videos 7 files

PPC University – Syllabus
154 KB
PPC University – Course Guideline
21.1 MB
Live Lecture Recordings
Live Session 1 – Intro – General Strategy – Different Campaign Types.flv
39 mins
Q&A Sessions
Q&A Session 1.flv
20 mins
Pre-recorded Training
0.5 – Campaign Manager Overview.mp4
21 mins
1 – General Strategy.flv
7 mins
1.05 – Creating a Campaign.mp4
9 mins
1.1 – Campaign Nomenclature.mp4
5 mins
2 – Auto Campaigns.mp4
8 mins
2.1 – Campaign Bidding Strategies.mp4
9 mins
3 – Broad Campaign.flv
7 mins
4 – Phrase Campaigns.flv
5 mins
5 – Exact Campaigns.flv
7 mins
6 – Product Targeting Campaigs (PAT).flv
12 mins
7 – Product Targeting Based on Competitors.flv
14 mins
7.1 – Product Targeting Based on Who is Targeting Us.flv
4 mins
8 – Product Targeting Based on Auto.flv
11 mins
9 – Product Targeting Based on Category.flv
12 mins
10 – Product Targeting Based on Adjacent Categories.flv
10 mins
11 – Product Targeting Based on Amazon Suggestions.flv
6 mins
11.5 – Calculating ACoS.mp4
11 mins
12 – Bulk Sheets Explained.flv
17 mins
13 – Bulk Sheets Optimization.flv
20 mins
13.05 – Main Sales Drivers.mp4
8 mins
13.1 – Bulk Sheet Optimization Parameters.flv
7 mins
14 – Negative Keywords.flv
9 mins
15 – Search Term Reports.flv
24 mins
16 – Placement Reports.flv
14 mins
17 – PPC for Launch.mp4
8 mins
18 – Helium 10 Keyword Research.flv
20 mins
19 – Brand Campaigns.flv
5 mins
20 – Using PPC to Rank.flv
5 mins
21 – Using PPC to Upsell.flv
4 mins
22 – How to Handle Bleeders.mp4
12 mins
23 – Why You Should Continously Launch New Campaigns.flv
6 mins
24 – Refreshing Bids Everytime Listing is Optimized.flv
6 mins
25 – Continuous Improvement.flv
6 mins
26 – Calculating Total ACoS.flv
5 mins
27 – Tracking Sessions and Unit Session Percentage.flv
6 mins
28 – How Buyer Psychology affects PPC.flv
12 mins
Formula For Deduplicating Keywords from Search Term Reports.xlsx
10 KB
How to Calculate ACoS.docx
12 KB
How to Calculate ACoS.docx
12.2 KB
PPC Launch.pdf
13.4 KB

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