July 3, 2022

Rank And Rent For Babies By Jason Guy – Free Download Course MasterMind


Rank And Rent For Babies Mastermind By Jason Guy – Free Download Course

I want to thank everyone that is in our free group.

The information that is shared so generously here by all members makes this the MOST VALUABLE Lead Gen Group on the Planet.


No Shiny Objects Here.

This Mastermind is UNLIKE ANYTHING you’ve seen in Rank and Rent for Babies.

Videos and Webinars LIVE NOW. Like…

1.How to find Niche/City Combos that will be EASY to rank for but produce HIGH RENTS.

2. How to make sure your clients have a good EXPERIENCE.

3. How to Make Video Landing pages that CONVERT.

4. Proper Techniques for Starting Google Adwords Campaigns with ZERO WASTE.

5. 90 Day Google Adwords Audit for LUDICROUSLY CHEAP LEADS.

6. On Page SEO

7. The Entire On Page Structure I Use for My Lead Gensites

8. How to Scale Rank and Rent Production – My Entire SOP Revealed

9. Video Webinar with Marie Yasis of Rule Your Rankings. (Guest Vlog)

10. Leon Sheed closes a Lead Gen Deal with an Electrician (Guest Vlog)

11. Marc Moeller – The Reverse Silo for maximum PageRank before the backlinks even start

12. On Page SEO 103 – Tier 2 Internal Linking Silo Structures


How I Closed 6 $5500 DOWN PAYMENT Deals from March 1st, 2019 to now with recurring revenue on top of that, without interfering with my $200,000 worth of rentals.

How to Stop Funding All Your Own Rank and Rents.

How to build REAL businesses that generate leads and how to get those businesses rented out to new business partners.

When to skip Lead Gen and Run the business yourself for MUCH MORE money.

Whats a Silo and how do i use them properly?

How i turned a FAILED CLIENT website into a $500 per month rental.

How i turned that first $500 rank and rent into a $96,000 contract for 2019 just two years later.

MONEY BALL. How do i rank with less $$$?

How i STACK my income instead of working for it, ensuring that EVERY YEAR i make $60k MORE than i did in the previous year.

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