July 3, 2022

Sales Insights Lab By Marc Wayshak – Free Download Course Training


Sales Insights Lab By Marc Wayshak – Free Download Course Training


Driven by the latest data and science on what actually generates & closes deals!


How We Help You Grow Sales…


Individual Sales Reps

The Lab Accelerator is going to be the most intense sales development experience of your entire life. The goal is not to help you hit your sales goals, but rather to blow past them and achieve the kind of selling success you’ve never dreamt of. This powerful coaching program will push you hard than you’ve ever gone. You will learn a selling methodology that will completely change the way you think of selling. As a first step, join our web-training to learn more about this revolutionary sales approach and how to get involved. Join the web-training right now…

Companies & Teams

Drive more sales at higher profit margins within your sales team by implementing a data-driven approach to selling. Give your team full access to all sales training modules, from strategy to prospecting to closing. Create customized training tracks based on reps’ function and need. Managers can hold reps accountable to completing courses. At the same time, provide your sales teams with expert feedback, and career development with certificates. Learn more and apply today…



Learn Our Sales Insights Method

Have a Blueprint to Drive Leads
Haphazard prospecting simply doesn’t work. Every rep and organization must have a clear and diversified strategy for generating high-quality leads. By using a Prospecting Blueprint, you ensure a consistent flow to hit your goals.

Present Powerful Insight
High-level prospects don’t want their “brains picked” to see what their biggest challenges are. They want insight about their business. And then they want to be understood.

Disqualify the Wrong Fits
Once your prospects see value in you or your rep, it’s imperative that there’s a systematic approach to fully determine fit—and disqualify those that don’t make the cut.

Solve Only What Matters
Your prospects don’t want everything you have. They only want the solutions to the challenges they face now—or in the near future. That’s where Case Study Presentations come in.


We’re a team of bona fide sales nerds obsessed with getting world-class results for our clients. Our mission is to improve the quality of sales strategy in a marketplace that demands excellence in order to thrive. Our team is committed to leveraging all available data to understand what really works in today’s world of selling—and then helping our clients actually materialize those changes.


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