August 15, 2022

Savage University Amazon FBA By Paul J. Savage – Free Download Course


Savage University Amazon FBA By Paul J. Savage – Free Download Course

When Setting Out on a New Journey Be Sure to Bring a Guide… and a Supportive Community!
Savage university is an online school for learning how to start, run and grow a profitable business utilizing’s FBA program. Savage University utilizes a super effective hybrid model of recorded video and live training with downloadable assets.

Have you ever paid for a course and never really utilized it? Never again. You’ll have the Savage University Community in the trenches with you and have access to master instructor Paul Savage.

Professor Savage has developed the ultimate learning experience just so you can be successful. Afterall, Savage University is only as successful as its scholars are!

Savage University is a success-driven-ecosystem that includes video training and live training sessions with Professor Paul Savage. Enrollment also gives each scholar access to Savage University’s vibrant community of FBA sellers where strategies are shared and vetted.

Why Amazon?
How would it feel to wake up each morning and know that you are your own boss? That’s right you are not dreaming and this is totally possible. Or maybe you are just looking to supplement your current income.

How would an extra $1,000 per month sound?

Ever since opened up its platform to 3rd party sellers all of this and more have become possible.

For those of you new to Amazon FBA it simply stands for “Fulfillment By Amazon” which means you can sell products on amazon and they take care of the product’s payments, storage, shipping….all of the stuff we refer to as fulfillment in the online retail world.

The First, Truly Transparent course for Growing & Scaling an Amazon Business

Don’t you just hate it when information is held back?

There’s no shortage of Amazon training available but they all lack transparency…even the courses that cost thousands of dollars.

One of the problems Paul Savage saw with all the “gurus” out there was that they were all more or less teaching the same things. By default if you utilize a strategy of the masses you will by and large get average returns. Paul Savage is anything but average.

Savage University is different… very different

Your enrollment lifts the veil and lets you see precisely how he is making his Amazon listings profit repeatedly on the Amazon platform.

Scholars enrolled in Savage university not only get to see what Paul is currently selling on Amazon but what his future strategies are as well. You get to see the business strategies which are always the secretive side of running a successful Amazon sellers business.

How Bad Do You Want Financial Freedom?
Don’t just learn to sell the next fad. Learn how to grow and operate a thriving Amazon FBA business.

Location Independence
Work from your own home or anywhere in the world! Where would you run your FBA business from?

Unlimited Salary
There is no limit on how much money you can earn. There is endless potential on the continuously growing Amazon platform.

No Boss
It’s your business…you call the shots! No more monday-morning jitters and boring coworker chitchat.

What’s Included?
160+ Videos – Stream from any device
25+ Hours of FBA/Amazon Training
5 Product Resource Downloads
3 Expert Interviews
2 Live Monthly Q&A’s
1 Amazing Community (Savage Scholars)
Insider Discounts with Freight Forwarders
Insider Discounts with Professional Listing Agency
I Have Leveraged My Connections and Passed the Savings On To YOU

Trying to take care of all your listing’s creative and marketing attributes yourself will put you at a severe disadvantage. As sellers step-up their game, so you must as well!

In order to have your product listing stand out from everyone else’s and attract buyers it is best to let professionals optimized for Amazon listings handle the work.

Naturally, these costs can add up quickly. Outsourcing your copywriting, photography/video, & EBC (Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content) can typically cost around $1,100.

It’s Time to GET SAVAGE

Enroll in Savage University now and start working towards the life of abundance YOU deserve!

Learn at Your Own Pace: With 160+ videos on everything from registering your business to scaling your Amazon projects you’ll finally be ready for success!
Not Just Theory: Professor Savage builds case studies around his actual products! Go ahead and ask another “FBA guru” what their exact listings are…good luck with that
Real People in Real Time: Get your questions answered at the twice-monthly live Q&A calls! SU is also backed by a lively and supportive Community!

Paul Savage, know around here as Professor Savage is the primary instructor and lead mastermind behind Savage University. Paul has spent several years launching many successful products on the Amazon platform.

Joining Savage University gives you full access to all of Paul’s latest strategies and hottest techniques for growing a successful Amazon FBA Business. His policy of radical transparency is precisely what his students love most about his teaching.

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