July 3, 2022

School For Selling By Matthew Kimberley – Free Download Course


The School For Selling By Matthew Kimberley – Free Download Course

You might not feel comfortable asking people to spend money on your services. You might be frustrated at your lack of results.

You certainly have a feeling that selling your stuff should be easier; that it should come more naturally, and you’d love to find the power and the techniques to get comfortable enough with selling so that you’re having more frequent and more effective sales conversations.
You want to close more deals.
You want to double your revenue (at least).
And most importantly, you want to do it in a way that FEELS right.
You don’t want to be the sleazeball sales rep banging down doors and pounding the phones just to make bank.
You want to sleep at night and wake up in the morning with a huge grin on your face, confident in the knowledge that you can generate more happy, paying clients ON TAP.
You’ll finally be earning what you deserve and getting paid what you’re worth.

That’s entirely possible. Welcome to the School for Selling.

The School for Selling is the most comprehensive sales training resource you will ever need.


Throughout my career I’ve sold everything from double-glazing to timeshare to professional services.
I broke company sales records a decade ago in the vacation ownership industry, and launched a staffing firm that grossed in excess of $1.5m in its first year (and more than double that in its second).
I’ve studied more sales training than is healthy or normal, and I’ve applied those lessons to my own businesses and to my clients’ businesses to generate many millions in revenue.

It’s my mission in life to help you fall in love with selling. Not for greedy reasons, or for the love of money (although that’s not a bad motivator) but because without love, you can never give fully of yourself.

Simply put, you’re better at doing the things you enjoy.

That’s why the School for Selling is more fun than you think you can have when you’re learning something as important as how to sell.


  • ✓How to formulate a powerful Red Velvet Rope Policy so that you only work with clients who energize you and inspire you to do your best work.
  • ✓How to build immediate trust with your prospects and position yourself as the go-to category authority in your niche.
  • ✓The perfect pricing strategies for every single one of your offers (and specifically how and when to raise your prices.
  • How To Talk About What You Do without sounding boring or confusing or bland so that people say “hey, that’s interesting! I want to know more!
  • ✓How to put together a comprehensive 3-part sales cycle so that you never leave money on the table and so that your prospects can make the right investment in you at the right time.
  • ✓How to understand exactly why people buy what you’re selling, which requires choosing a target market (I’ll show you exactly how to do it), identifying what they need and desire, getting clear on the single big result that you give them as well as the key benefits of that result: financial, emotional, physical and spiritual.
  • ✓How to develop a keep-in-touch strategy that doesn’t suck so that your prospects look forward to hearing from you and jump at the opportunity to buy from you.
  • ✓How to create brand-building information products that make you money and build awareness about who you are … even while you’re asleep.
  • ✓How to craft a powerful Personal Brand Identity so that you determine how you’re known in the world.
  • Book Yourself Solid® Super Simple Selling so that you can get into sales conversations with ease.
  • The Book Yourself Solid® Networking Strategy – how to strengthen relationships of trust so that people buy more from you.
  • The Book Yourself Solid® Direct Outreach Strategy – how to make friends with influential strangers who can introduce you to opportunities that you’d only dreamed of up until now.
  • The Book Yourself Solid® Referral Strategy – the two-part way of systematizing your referrals so that your most valuable source of new business drips in on autopilot.
  • The Book Yourself Solid® Speaking Strategy – for when you want to get up on stage and make the world pay attention for plaudits and profit.
  • The Book Yourself Solid® Writing Strategy – exactly HOW to market your business using the written word, and how to identify the most appropriate outlets for your writing so that you can get the maximum results in the minimum time.
  • The Book Yourself Solid® Web Strategy – the three questions you can’t ignore when you’re pursuing ANY web-based marketing strategy … whether it’s Twitter or Facebook advertising, or the darkest of SEO manipulation …


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