August 15, 2022

Self Liquidating Offer Secrets By Jody Milward – Free Download Course


Self Liquidating Offer Secrets By Jody Milward – Free Download Course

The RIGHT way to build a funnel that is designed for paid traffic.

“I’m trying to add $ values for all steps of my SLO funnel so they show up in Ads Manager!”

“Is there a way I can track the Bump and OTO sales?”

These are the biggest questions I am hearing from people who have created a $27/$37 Low ticket offer.

They’ve put in the hard yards and created their offer, built the program, created a funnel complete with Bump and OTO and are now starting to run Facebook Ads to their offer to cash in on the low ticket gold rush.

However, as they start putting $1 into their Ads, they don’t really know how much they are getting out.

And once you are paying money to get people to your offer, you want them to be able to PURCHASE your offer so being able to pay via Paypal OR Stripe is a CRITICAL piece of your funnel!

Then when you want to accelerate your sales with Facebook Ads, you want to be able to see ALL your sales, not just some of them, otherwise, how do you really know how profitable your ads are.

This is NOT for just anyone.

I am talking to YOU DIYers, Facebook ad managers and agency owners who want to learn advanced ad strategies and automations for Self Liquidating Offer funnels.

What is this?

This is the fastest path to gaining expert advanced strategies to use for yourself or your clients NOW.

The market is ready for SLO’s. We used to have freebies to build our email lists and audiences for our clients and now it’s PAID traffic to PAID offers.

The game has changed.

I have personally experienced the benefits of generating quality leads from my own SLO which not only generated additional revenue from the SLO itself, but also customers then going on to purchase additional training, as well as generating clients for my DFY services. My SLO turned a $27 sale into over $150,000 in additional sales for my DFY services and training programs.

I am here to help you avoid the BIG issues that Ad Managers and DIYers are facing when it comes to running ads for SLO funnels and how you can optimize sales from every step of your funnel.

This is the foundation.

I am literally handing you the keys to the castle with this training. Any niche or business can create an SLO. When you have this repeatable system down, you (or your team member) can roll it out for any client in any niche using a clear cut process. No more time sucking customization and special projects.

Oh, by the way, here’s the latest on the funnel results in the image above. 11 weeks later, this little $27 offer has cleared $488,927.11 from $186,808 in ad spend, starting at $100/day. Not too shabby hey?

To see how it’s done, grab your seat today.

What you will get in the SLO Intensive:

Build your OWN SLO for your business
(Value . . . $5,000)

Repeatable Plug-N-Play process to do this for your clients in various niches with Trello boards, templates and customizable spreadsheets
(Value . . . $5,000)

Copywriting templates for your Ads, emails and funnels

(Value . . .$1,000)

Establish Your Authority in the Space by Having Your OWN SLO in place
(Value . . . priceless)

Advanced Ad strategies to start generating sales and have the best chance to scale to $1,000 / day (with the accompanying tracking and reporting spreadsheets & documents for you to rebrand)
(Valued at . . .$1,000)

Advanced Automations, Funnels and email templates to maximize sales capturing every potential buyer at crucial buying points
(Valued at . . . $1,000)

TOTAL Value $16,000

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