August 15, 2022

Semen Retention Mastery By Taylor Johnson – Free Download Course


Semen Retention Mastery By Taylor Johnson – Free Download Course

A 21-day, guided semen retention challenge to help you build your sexual power, clarify your life purpose and create the life you want.


► Watching life pass you by

► Getting distracted by porn & fantasy

► Feeling sexually depleted

► Not living at your cutting edge


► Feel confident and powerful in all areas of your life

► Master the art of semen retention

► Commit to yourself fully

► Know your purpose and take action to create the life you want

Over these 21 days, you will…

1. Build Your Sexual Power
With Semen Retention, Tantric and Taoist Practices – and integrate this energy into your entire life in healthy, safe and practical ways.

2. Clarify Your Life Purpose
And anchor this deep within your body with guided somatic exercises, reflection and visualization.

3. Create Your Ideal Life
And ensure success with daily action & accountability – so you feel driven, supported, confident, alive, connected, clear, and joyfully in alignment with your purpose.

► In-depth & practical instruction on everything you need to know to supercharge your life with semen retention in a powerful, safe and balanced way

► Daily videos & emails to guide you on this journey (for 21 days)

► Recordings of previous live group coaching/accountability calls

► Downloadable PDF exercise guides


► Semen retention and attraction
► Semen retention and financial abundance
► How to practice semen retention safely (risks & dangers)
► Unlocking your inner king
► Closing energy leaks
► Linking your sexuality with your higher purpose
► Creating powerful morning rituals
► Practical ways to integrate orgasmic vitality into your every day life
► Optimizing your environment for success
► Taoist & Tantric sexual philosphies
► Microcosmic Orbit & Chakra integration
► Understanding & feeling sexual energy
► Sexual Qigong, Yoga & Breathwork
► Sex without ejaculation
► Semen retention in long-term relationship
► Non-ejaculatory orgasms
► Creating a new relationship to porn
► Ejaculatory choice
► Pleasure positive semen retention vs abstinence
► Visualizing and creating the life you want


How is this different from the Orgasmic Mastery Course?
Semen Retention Mastery is a step by step guided process for you to build your life force energy, harness it, and take daily action to literally create the life you want (in the context of health, creative & career success).

Orgasmic Mastery is about peak sexual performance – specifically focusing on sexual technique and the context of sex. Watch this video to see more differences.

Will this course be super new-agey?
Nope. This training combines sexual wisdom from ancient traditions with practical & straightforward exercises so you can easily integrate this into your life without chanting to 47 gods and goddesses or having to drink your own urine.

What if I ejaculate during the challenge?
If you have an accidental ejaculation (wet dream for example), it’s not a failure. This challenge is about practice, process and commitment, and as long as you stick to the exercises in this challenge, you WILL experience changes in your life.

Did you really spend $36,308 on sex & relationship trainings?
Yes. My coach challenged me to add everything up from the past 10 years. The number shocked me too. You don’t have to spend this much to experience major changes in your sex life. Your investment gets you the most effective practices for literally a fraction of what I’ve invested.

Will I have to masturbate?
This semen retention challenge is pleasure-positive, which means I will ask to you find pleasure in your entire body – without ending in ejaculation. I will not ask you to masturbate in any traditional sense of the word.

What if I’m gay? Will this benefit me?
Absolutely. The material and practices in this course are beneficial for anyone who has a penis. And for the record, I fully celebrate all sexual choices that happen between consenting adults.

How long will I have access to this training?
Until you die – and remember that you will die some day, so you might as well commit to fullest sexual self right now.

What if I’m not happy with this training?
You can let me know at any point before Day 14 becomes available (two weeks after the course start date), and I’ll issue you a refund no questions asked. Once Day 14 becomes available, refunds will no longer be available.

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