May 17, 2022

SMMA Success Secrets Masterclass By Franco Urbaez – Free Download Course


SMMA Success Secrets Masterclass By Franco Urbaez – Free Download Course


The ONLY Course Your Agency Needs To Easily Find, Attract, and Retain High Ticket Clients for 6 to 12 Months or Longer WITHOUT cold-calling, door to door sales, or any cold outreach whatsoever!


The Entire SMMA Success Secrets Masterclass: The ONLY evergreen course your agency needs to easily find, attract, and retain high ticket clients for 6 to 12 months or longer WITHOUT cold-calling, door to door sales or any cold outreach whatsoever!

The 7-Figure Blueprint: The EXACT figures, rates, clients and hours that your agency should be operating in to build a 7 Figure Agency AND your IDEAL lifestyle.

The Guaranteed Success Calendar: The blueprint of the EXACT calendar that I use to manage the relationships of 20+ clients, 3 multiple six-figure businesses, and maintain a healthy household with two kids (and still keep my weekends free!)

The Agency Toolbox: Every Custom-Built Client Funnel Share URLs, Chatbot Templates, PowerPoint Slides, Facebook Ads, Marketing Plans, and Social Media Audits, and every other digital asset we’ve ever built (or ever will build) for Dream Big Media internal marketing or client campaigns.

Dream Big Media Franchise Model: Every system, process, and standard operating procedure Dream Big Media has created to be able to handle and deliver quality results to 20 new clients per week. This is an entire business on a silver platter.

Dream Team Access: Access to the database and contact information of every independent contractor and freelancer that we have ever employed to work on any of our clients campaigns. We interview and hire only the best people in the world to work on the campaigns for our clients. Database includes three strings of the highest quality individuals with 3 different price points for affordability based off of varying client budgets.

Monthly Group Coaching: Every month for 3 months, I will upload the group coaching calls from the members of the Big Dreamers’ Inner Circle into the SMMA Success Secrets Masterclass so you can see the insights and ongoing coaching my Inner Circle members receive from me and my multi-millionaire coaches as well, such as Russell Brunson, Stephen Larsen, Julie Stoian, and John Parkes.


Bonus #1: Traffic Secrets LIVE Training: Last time I spent 3 days with Russell Brunson, I made $84,000 the very next week. It happened again when I flew out to spend another 3 days with him in Phoenix, AZ and he taught me all about free and paid traffic strategies before the release of his 3rd and final book, Traffic Secrets! That very weekend, I brought in an additional $14,500/mo. in recurring income for our agency with one single FB post. Everything I learned, I share it with you in a LIVE, RECORDED, INTERACTIVE TRAINING. First 20 people only!

Bonus #2: Elite Networking Secrets: Adam Farfan, CEO of Elite Hathaway, has built a personal network that is rivaled among the largest and most robust in the entire world. In it are the likes of Shaq, Larry King, Tai Lopez, Warren Buffet, Grant Cardone, Russell Brunson, Michael Gerber and so many others… He has included a special presentation titled, “How To Build A Billion Dollar Network.” Hurry! This bonus is for the first 10 people only!

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