August 15, 2022

Social Agent Academy By Mike Sherrard – Free Download Course


Social Agent Academy By Mike Sherrard – Free Download Course

Close Up To 5 More Deals Per Month On Autopilot Without Prospecting

How to add $100,000+ per year to your real estate business by properly leveraging the highest converting strategies on every Social Media platform.

This is the BLUEPRINT… the proven ROADMAP that anyone can follow, regardless of your level of experience in real estate, on social media, or with technology in general.


​Facebook Secrets – $997
​​Instagram Secrets – $997
​YouTube Secrets – $997
​LinkedIn Mastery – $297
​A-Z Modules – $997

Exclusive Bonuses
​ManyChat + YouTube Ads – $497
​3 Success Case Studies [Today]
​Lead Follow up Outline [Today]
Private Community – Priceless


The HUGE MISTAKE that causes most Realtors to FAIL with Facebook Ads

The highest converting ad strategy that NO ONE TALKS ABOUT (exclusive)

The $40 ad that resulted in $40,000 commission in 2 days

How to automate your online lead conversion (2021 secrets)

How to establish a top-of-mind Personal Brand that leads flock to

How to attract clients on a daily basis with video marketing and rank #1 in your market for FREE

The RC3 Genius Model, the ultimate blueprint for Realtors to follow


Helped over 3,000 agents around the world in 2020 learn how to scale their business using social media and online platforms
Ranked Top 30 Realtor on Social Media, Worldwide
Ranked #1 Realtor on Social Media, Alberta
​Ranked #1 Realtor on Social Media, Calgary
​Top Producing Agent with over 250 agents in his group
I’m sure you’ve attended many other masterclasses and workshops and left feeling like you got absolutely nothing out of it…

Well… I can tell you one thing is for certain.

THIS will NOT just be another masterclass where you feel like you could have learned this stuff for free on YouTube or Google.

The big difference between agents who are struggling to find the next deal, and the top producers who have a consistent flow of closings, is that one has a business that is hanging on by a thread… while the other uses proven systems and processes that are scalable.

These are not just the strategies that helped ME become a top producer…

… they have also helped the 250+ agents in my real estate group…

… and thousands of others across the USA, Canada, Australia, and many other countries.
If you’re ready for the blueprint…

… for the roadmap to smash your goals this year…

… and for the strategies that will give you an unfair advantage…

It’s time to commit to taking action.

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