July 3, 2022

Speak To Inspire By Brian Rose – Free Download Course


Speak To Inspire By Brian Rose – Free Download Course


Learn the insights, techniques and secrets I’ve collected over 9 years of interviews to speak, inspire and impact like the greatest guests on London Real Academy.


In Just Eight Weeks, You Will…


1. Discover Your Inspirational Message
This week reveals the foundation of every great speaker: uncovering your why. We will guide you through exercises that tap into your natural influence. Once you grasp this, your speaking will accelerate to new heights.

This includes the 5 London Real Commandments of great speaking, where we we’ll break down what all top speakers have in common, so you can learn what makes them highly influential.

2. Crafting Your Message For Maximum Impact
Once you’re clear on your why, your values and your beliefs, you’ll structure that into a message that creates impact. This way, you’ll know exactly what to say and be sure that it leaves a lasting difference on your audience.

We’ll cover a range of topics incorporating proven methods for crafting your ideas into well-structured speeches (if you’ve ever had too much to say, or didn’t know what to say, this will end all that for good).

3. Charismatic Storytelling Techniques
Here we will show you how to attract and capture potential customers. Once you get them in, you will have lifetime access to market to that person. Even better, we are going to show you how to do it in a way that people want to hear from you. You’ll discover key insights such as the fundamental difference between bad storytelling and great storytelling (this is why some stories are entertaining, while most completely miss the mark).

4. Bulletproof Your Credibility
Here, you’ll learn to build expert-level credibility into your speech so people believe in every word you say.

As a result, people believe in you as an expert or authority. Uncover the juicy, hidden facts about your topic that completely stun your listeners and learn how to leave an unforgettable impression, no matter how mundane your subject is.

5. Secrets to Authentic Delivery On Stage
Find out how to take a stage with complete confidence. We will also teach you the secrets to charismatic body language, including how to be stage-ready under the spotlight (we’ll make this feel natural so you don’t ever have to consciously focus on it).

6. Persuasion Frameworks to Influence the Masses
Lastly, you’ll take everything you’ve learned and use it to inspire thousands, and potentially millions of people. You’ll discover proven methods to persuasive speaking, so you can effectively spread your message and leave a legacy you’re proud of.

7. The Power of Comedy
Like the best TED talks, you’ll learn the power of using comedy to add entertainment value, cut the tension with your audience and up the quality of your speeches. Discover the mechanisms that underpin humour and ensure that your audience always laughs and reacts positively.

8. Crush Your Final Speech
In the last module, it’s time to put everything you’ve learned into practice and prep your final speech to deliver to your fellow students. That’s right… you don’t graduate until you show everyone what you’ve learned!


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