July 3, 2022

Speaking And Scaling The Stage Intensive By Pete Vargas – Free Download Course


Speaking And Scaling The Stage Intensive By Pete Vargas – Free Download Course


Join us to learn, design, & implement the perfect speaking system for you to build + grow your business at the Speaking & Scaling the Stage Intensive with Pete Vargas.

If you want to add another multi-million dollar revenue stream and grow your brand in a single, one hour talk, then this may be the most important event you attend all year.


We will walk you through the exact 3-part system we have used to directly book 25,000+ Stages and generated tens of millions in revenue.
Learn how to craft a High-Converting Signature Talk that inspires, educates and converts – with time to map yours out.
Understand exactly what YOUR Dream Stages are – how to FIND them and how to win them. And practice your reach out on-site – LIVE!
Use Stages as a consistent, predictable customer acquisition channel
How to SCALE those stages to make a greater impact and create more customers in the next year with your perfect product suite – get ready for hot seats!
By designing this one talk, you’ll understand how to overcome any fears of speaking and become a truly powerful communicator.
Core Area #1: We’re going to dial in your “Signature Talk” that you can use every single day in your business: on sales calls, presentations, on podcasts, webinars, a live stream, and stages of all sizes.
Core Area #2: 1. We’re going to find the stages that you want to be on. Which of the 8 offline stages and online stages do you want to be on based on your lifestyle?
We’re going to begin finding and starting the process to winning these stages.
Core Area #3: We’re going to make sure that your “Perfect Product Suite” is dialed in. When you’re finished with this intensive, you’ll be in position to have dozens upon dozens of customers from each stage you’re on.
We’ll also practice live hot seats to craft that “Perfect Product Suite.”
And a massive amount of workshopping to make sure you’re in position to attract stages and execute every time the minute you leave this workshop.
This is NOT a LISTEN & LEARN session.

This is an immersive implementation intensive, where you’ll walk away with a comprehensive model to scale & leverage your business. After these two days, you’ll have a tailored blueprint to see results of growth, culture, and bottom line.


This intensive will provide you with an actionable blueprint for you to take back to your business immediately. These workshops are named “intensives” because we truly can’t think of a more fitting word to term them. You will walk through each specific step, geared to your business. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to take everything you learned and craft the perfect plan for your product.

Intensives are intimate in nature and by design. This isn’t a room full of 250 people, where questions are kept to a minimum and exposure to those teaching is scarce. You and a handful of others will have DIRECT ACCESS. Intensives are exclusively for War Room members as part of the program, but occasionally we’re able to squeeze in a couple others… what can we say? We love to teach and see others run with it!

Nobody really talks about this, but one of the easiest and most reliable ways to build anything – a business, a movement, or a ministry – is through speaking on stages.

You can build your reputation quickly and gain insight on how to leverage your opportunities from stage to grow your following and go deeper with your tribe.

In just one hour, you can get people to consume your content in such a powerful way they want to connect and go deeper with you.

There are all types of stages too, offline & online, physical and digital, analog & virtual; and we’ll cover them all to see what’s right for your and your product suite (which we’ll help craft and perfect at this very event).

We’ll be dialing in your perfect talk that you can give in any form and any size you can use anywhere: for a 10,000 person conference, on a sales call, a podcast, at a mastermind full of your high-level peers, and any kind of communication medium.

If you don’t already speak on stages, you’re missing out on having one of the biggest customer acquisition channels in your business. And if you do speak already, we’ll help you capture the $10s of thousands to millions of dollars you may be leaving in the audience when giving your talk.

So come join us to learn and implement one of single most profitable revenue streams in your business with Pete Vargas & Pat Quinn in early December.

Who is this for?
This is a perfect fit for you if you… (any of the following)
Own a business and have not spoke on stage before.
Own a business and have spoke on stage a few times to many times.
A business owner or executive looking to amplify your business or brand.
Someone who’s nervous to speak in front of people but knows they could increase their business if they did.
Want to build a company culture of innovation, passion, client-first employees who constantly raise the bar
Have not tried to grow your business from a stage or has but not sure if it worked well when you did.
Want to add a revenue stream from $10s of thousands to $10s of millions of dollars.
Someone who is open-minded to both virtual and physical stages.
Who Is This NOT For?
Don’t apply if…

You’re just starting out and still fleshing out your product or service
You really only need to stimulate sales for the short term
You’re not willing to step on a stage (virtual or physical) ever, even if the best coaching in the world was behind you.
Already have everything you need to continue growth and elevate your brand.
Someone who does not own a business or work as an executive (entrepreneurs of all kinds are welcome though!)

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